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INTERVIEW Don't Sit on the Sidelines Deron Wagner thinks you shouldn't wait and try to catch the top or bottom before trading, but rather just follow the market's momentum.

INTERVIEW Rick Swope's Stock Trading Plan Rick Swope, The Market Guys, suggests a plan that starts with education about markets, setting your goals, identifying the markets and products and then the set-up, analysis, and execution.

INTERVIEW The Stock Whisperer Explains the Dark Pool Stefanie Kammerman expIains the Dark Pool at MoneyShow Las Vegas and when swing traders can sense how big traders execute secretive orders often in London.

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INTERVIEW Can Automation Beat Manual Trading? Scott Andrews talks about how his transition from manual to purely automated trading has turned out better than he could expected and why.

INTERVIEW Get Your Trading Edge Through Education For the benefit of all newbie traders, Jake Bernstein stresses the importance of trading education and not rushing into it as if gambling at a casino.

INTERVIEW Trading with History Most traders have heard the adage, "Past performance may not be indicative of future results," however, Scott Andrews has found that it does more times than not.