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All a sudden the hedge funds love oil again. Hedge funds that in recent weeks abandoned the oil complex as they worried that the resumption of Iranian nuclear talks would bring a flood of oil to the marketplace, says Phil Flynn of the PRICE Futures Group.
Everybody knows that markets and individual financial instruments oscillate between bullish and bearish cycles, but less well understood is the transition between periods of low and high realized volatility, explains Ian Murphy of
Friday certainly left something to be desired. We viewed Thursday’s CPI data as the biggest hurdle on the week, and it was, states Bill Baruch of Blue Line Futures.
The path of least resistance for stocks remains up for now, as the S&P 500 (SPX) finally closed above the 4200 resistance area, although money continues to rotate from past leadership sectors to new areas, explains Joe Duarte of In the Money Options.
Cannabis stocks were — until recently — beaten flat with a gardening shovel. But they’re starting to pick themselves up now and they have huge gaps in valuation to make up, asserts Sean Brodrick, editor of WealthWave.
I am adding a winning company to our buy list: Lululemon athletica ltd. (LULU); the company is well known as a retailer of high quality “athleisure” clothing, observes Shawn Allen, contributing editor to Internet Wealth Builder.
SeaWorld Entertainment (SEAS) is one of the flagship reopening stocks in the market, suggests Mike Cintolo, a leading growth stock specialist and editor of Cabot Top Ten Trader.
In its core Latin American markets, America Movil (AMX) is facing economic turmoil, political disruption, tough competition, and an historic pandemic still wreaking havoc, notes Roger Conrad, editor of Conrad's Utility Investor.
As an options trader, you have to take risks in order to produce a nice return, states Bob Lang of Explosive Options.
There’s no doubt when Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweets about Bitcoin, he is moving the largest cryptocurrency in the world, explains Markus Heitkoetter of Rockwell Trading.

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The pending changes in tax policy continue to evolve. Some of the proposals are very aggressive and are likely to impact not only investing, but your estate plan as well. Learn which provisions are likely to become part of tax reform and learn proven strategies to minimize the impact on your wealth. In this workshop, Cory Grant will show you how to use tax tips and strategies to keep your wealth in the family.
John Dobosz, Editor of Forbes Dividend Investor and Forbes Premium Income Report, presents an equity income strategy that buys undervalued dividend-paying stocks and sells options for additional income, including writing covered calls, put writes and credit spreads.

2021 has been a SPACtacular year, but are we seeing cracks? Tune in to this webinar with Ezra Roizen to get a 360-degree view of SPACs: How they work, why issuers love them, and key considerations for investors. Plus, he will give a market overview of current SPAC trends and dynamics. In just 30 minutes, you'll SPAC like a pro!
In this talk, Harry Dent shows how the massive Baby Boom spending trends peaked in late 2007 and we have been in a naturally slowing economic environment ever since with unprecedented debt levels weighing. Hence, central banks decided to just print money nonstop to counter this trend. The problem is we now have a global financial asset bubble at $525 trillion that is near twice the debt bubble it was designed to cure. Mr. Dent forecasts this bubble will burst this year and shows that history says the first crash alone will be around 50% in 2-3 months, as occurred in 1929. That first crash could start as soon as early June. The good news is that a crash into 2022/23 will clear the economy of these financial asset bubbles, including real estate, and shed a lot of debt and zombie companies that we should have back in 2008-09. Then the Millennial generation will drive the next long-term boom from 2024 into 2036/37. Strategy: Get out of risk assets now, into long term Treasuries, not gold-and back into stocks and risk assets between late 2022 and late 2023.
Nick Hodge, publisher of the Daily Profit Cycle, has heard the same questions time and again from investors doing their first private placements. This talk will serve as a starting point for all those new to the world of private placements, including answering questions about legends, brokers, and restricted shares.

Everyone knows you can make a ton of money in real estate. The hard part is figuring out how you can be part of that. You have a successful career, a family, and no extra time. That's why many accredited investors choose to passively invest in multifamily real estate with firm like KRI.

KRI invests in value-add multifamily projects in B and C class neighborhoods in central and northern Florida with a goal of earning extraordinary risk-adjusted returns for its investors.

Join this session to learn more about how and why multifamily real estate can be such a profitable investment that can produce extraordinary risk adjusted returns and why you may want to add it to your investment portfolio.

ECI Development, with over 25 years of experience working in the real estate development space across the region of Latin America, has built the foundation, reputation, and track record to now spring forward and seize the moment. Join this session with the company's CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Cobb, to discover what ECI Development has to offer.

Everyone is looking to cut through the uncertainty right now and find those winning trades in this pandemic. No matter where you look, misinformation and lies are everywhere. The only thing that doesn't lie is historical market data straight from the source. For almost 20 years, Matt Choi, CMT has been turning this data into profitable options strategies. In this presentation, he will show you his best performing Quant strategy in 2021. In particular, Mr. Choi will go through step-by-step:

  1. How to collect and analyze free public stock data available online
  2. How to interpret the findings and use this edge to double your money using options

After attending Matt Choi's session, you'll understand why Quants are by far the best performing traders today.

August is a seasonally weak month. Trading volume typically dries up as both Europe and Wall Street pros go on extended vacations. Furthermore, when the second quarter announcement season winds down, profit taking is common in late August. If Louis Navellier ran the stock market, he would close it every August. With that said, the stock market typically rallies heading into Labor Day weekend, so some bargain hunting will likely be occurring in late August. Last year, the stock market rallied in August, so there are some exceptions to seasonal weakness. Mr. Navellier will reveal his best stock picks during his presentation.