Philly Fed Decelerates, French Elections and Oil
Don Kaufman Image Don Kaufman

In his weekly report, Don Kaufman, founder of TheoTrade, explains what the latest economic reports mean, the impac…

Cap Weighted Vs. Equal Weighted
Stephen McKee Image Stephen McKee

Can you outperform the S&P 500 using the S&P 500, but changing the selection approach? Stephen McKee, editor of …

Tickers: SPY | VFINX | VADAX | RSP


Options Play on ACI Worldwide
Mark Skousen Image Mark Skousen

ACI Worldwide, Inc. (ACIW) is in the forefront of growing demand by merchants to receive payments from customers in re…

Tickers: ACIW
Bear Call Spread for QQQ
Andy Crowder Image Andy Crowder

It’s time to add another PowerShares QQQ Trust (QQQ) trade to the portfolio. We locked in a nice 15.6% gain in o…

Tickers: QQQ

Currencies & Forex

The Adens' Outlook: Metals, Rates & Stocks
Mary Anne & Pamela Aden Image Mary Anne & Pamela Aden

The stock market remains very bullish but it’s been nervous, mainly due to growing tensions in North Korea. This…

Tickers: QQQ | ADBE
Pound Gets Pounded into a Bullish Opportunity for FXB
Landon Whaley Image Landon Whaley

After this week’s official trigger to Brexit, there are no other concrete future dates for bad news. This should…


Futures & Commodities

Junior Mines with Strong Prospects
Gerardo Del Real Image Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo del Real, a specialist in development-stage junior mining stocks, looks at recent developments at two of his f…

Tickers: AMM.TO | AAU
Trump, North Korea, Syria Catalysts for 5 % Correction
Al Brooks, MD Image Al Brooks, MD

The monthly S&P500 Emini futures candlestick chart has a bear inside bar so far this month. It is stalling at a me…



Which Market Area Has Momentum?
Jackie Ann Patterson Image Jackie Ann Patterson

The returns of the US stock funds are clustered close together, while the two international funds have lesser returns,…

Tickers: SPY | IVV | EFA | EEM
High Yield Havens
Mark Salzinger Image Mark Salzinger

Despite a reputation for volatility, the high-yield bond market could prove safer than higher-quality bonds …

Tickers: PHB | VWEHX


Sell in May and Go Away Means 5 Percent Correction
Al Brooks, MD Image Al Brooks, MD

The current level is good for buying puts and put spreads, asserts Al Brooks, MD, who has traded full-t…

Weekly Trade Idea: Long on SPY Decline
Landon Whaley Image Landon Whaley

Like Goldilocks, he’s just bullish enough for a long trade idea on SPY, asserts Landon Whaley, Founder and CEO of…

Tickers: SPY

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