So, You Want to Be a Daytrader? Read This.
Jake Bernstein Image Jake Bernstein

Those who dream of daytrading should read advice from Jake Bernstein, an internationally recognized futures analyst, tr…

Photon Control and the Internet of Things
Ryan Irvine

Photon Control (Toronto: PHO) makes a wide range of optical sensors and instruments to measure temperature, pressure, …



Option Trading: What Is Theta?
James Brumley

Since option traders seeking out top returns with minimal risk should familiarize themselves with the Greeks…

Tickers: GE
A Beginner's Guide to Options Trading Strategies
Fred Oltarsh

For the benefit of all newbies still learning about options, Fred Oltarsh at Options Strategy Network breaks…


Currencies & Forex

Is Inflation Predictable?
Matthew Kerkhoff Image Matthew Kerkhoff

If there’s one overarching theme that’s accompanied the Trump rally, it’s the idea of reflation. In …

Dollar Strength: "It's All Relative"
Mary Anne & Pamela Aden Image Mary Anne & Pamela Aden

The dollar is still #1 on the international currency hit parade. And if interest rates rise further, it’ll likely…


Futures & Commodities

Osisko Gold: Undervalued Royalties
Adrian Day Image Adrian Day

It's time to get back into select gold stock; indeed, Osisko Gold Royalties (OR) remains the most undervalued and pros…

Tickers: OR
Sweet Outlook for Chocolate Duo
Jeffrey Hirsch Image Jeffrey Hirsch

Cocoa tends to begin a seasonal decline in early to mid-March through the end of May, instituting a short position in …

Tickers: HSY | RMCF


High Yield Havens
Mark Salzinger Image Mark Salzinger

Despite a reputation for volatility, the high-yield bond market could prove safer than higher-quality bonds …

Tickers: PHB | VWEHX
Why SPY? ETFs and Sector Analysis
Joon Choi Image Joon Choi

February was a very strong month for equities as the S&P 500 Index advanced 3.72% for the month which is the 10th …

Tickers: SPY | XLV | XLB | XLU


Inflation Hedges: Gold & REITs
Benjamin Shepherd

With inflation consistently hitting new highs, now's the time to buy some insurance. Below, we explore the r…

Tickers: GLD | IAU | O | VNQ
No More Need to Trade by Chasing Carrots
Troy Epperson

Troy Epperson on uses the analogy of the donkey chasing a carrot hanging from a stick a fe…


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