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Is it 2010 Again? Emerging Market Debt & Bank Loans Lead
Don Kaufman Image Don Kaufman

Investors are partying like its 2010 as earnings growth came back with a vengeance in Q1, asserts Don Kaufman, Co-foun…

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Long Trade Idea if SPY Declines
Landon Whaley Image Landon Whaley

Today’s trade idea: New long trade ideas can be initiated if SPY declines to $235.14, or lower, suggests Landon …

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Strategies & Techniques

Trump, Russia, Comey, Mueller and an Emini Buy Climax
Al Brooks, MD Image Al Brooks, MD

When a market is in a tight trading range, even if it is sloped down, expert traders make more money by buying low, se…

How Can You Invest Like a Well-Run Endowment?
Axel Merk Image Axel Merk

How can individuals invest like a well-run endowment fund? Last week, we featured Axel Merk’s overview of constru…


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Higher Gold? Watch the Fed
Brien Lundin Image Brien Lundin

The recent sell-off in gold along with just about everything else in the commodity sector seems like a distant memory,…

Energy Sector Worries
Roy Ward Image Roy Ward

While the overall stock market remains healthy even as stock prices are high, some market segments are worrisome. And t…

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Three Plays on March Madness
Chris Preston Image Chris Preston

As March Madness sweeps the nation. Here are three companies that traditionally benefit greatly from the big…

Tickers: BWLD | CBS | NKE
Magal: Speculative Bet on Border Fences
Jim Powell Image Jim Powell

For investors who may wish to make a more speculative investment, I have a company that could profit handsom…

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Forex Trading: Do You Have the Time?

To aid the forex trader still deciding on what to examine, Adam Lemon of highlights the one f…

Tickers: EUR-USD
5 Forex Trading Tips You Might Not Read in a Text Book

Even though there are hundreds of courses available to teach the technical aspects of trading, today, Yael W…


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Many investors choose to buy and hold, hoping long-term positions will deliver profits. Traders, however, are rarely in for the long haul. They prefer to move in and out of positions quickly and take their profits while others are just jumping aboard the bandwagon.

It’s easy to see why active trading can be both exciting and profitable. But, being a successful trader isn’t easy. The fast-paced and complicated nature of trades can spell losses even for veteran traders, so knowing what you’re getting into is essential.

At you’ll find a wealth of articles and news for active traders — where top experts share tips on trading types and tactics, the best trading strategies and plenty of short-term and swing trade opportunities.

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Our mission is to give you the information you need to make successful decisions and to develop and implement the best trading strategies for your goals and situation.

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