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Janet Brown’s 5-Fund Portfolio for Peace of Mind
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We categorize funds into various groups; here, we are focusing on Class 4, which can be a good option for those who wan…

WCM Focused: A Favorite for International Growth
Robert Carlson Image Robert Carlson

One fund that’s been earning strong returns without making headlines is WCM Focused International Growth (WCMRX)…

Tickers: WCMRX

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A Five-Pack of Preferred ETFs
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High Yield Havens
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Why SPY? ETFs and Sector Analysis
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Closed-End Duo forTax-Efficient Yields
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Value ETFs for the Trump Trade

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Matthews: Expertise in Emerging Asia
Cynthia Andrade

Matthews Emerging Asia (MEASX) invests in stocks of companies in Asia, excluding Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Sin…

Tickers: MEASX

Exchange Traded Funds for Active Traders

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have become increasingly popular with investors and active traders. And, it’s easy to see why. They combine the diversification of mutual funds with the liquidity and convenience of stocks.

Like mutual funds, exchange traded funds are professionally managed. Both offer reduced risk through diversification because both are holding companies for hundreds, even thousands, of stocks and bonds. Thus, you can invest in sectors or trends without worrying if one stock will poison your portfolio.

However, that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Exchange traded funds have much lower costs than mutual funds. And, ETFs offer far more flexibility and liquidity because they trade in real time, just like stocks. When the shares an ETF holds go up, its share price goes up. When they go down, so does its share price.

With some exceptions, exchange traded funds are typically designed to match a specific market sector or index. But, savvy traders can use ETFs to outperform the index — sometimes dramatically — so it’s easy to see why many traders consider them to be perfect profit opportunities.

Of course, not all exchange traded funds are profitable, and while you can short ETFs just like stocks, the sheer number of ETFs can make it hard to know which ones to buy or sell. Currently, hundreds of exchange traded funds carry some $2.5 trillion in assets. Since some are both specialized and volatile, it’s important for active traders to have sound ETF trading strategies.

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