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Trump, Russia, Comey, Mueller and an Emini Buy Climax
Al Brooks, MD Image Al Brooks, MD

When a market is in a tight trading range, even if it is sloped down, expert traders make more money by buying low, se…

How Can You Invest Like a Well-Run Endowment?
Axel Merk Image Axel Merk

How can individuals invest like a well-run endowment fund? Last week, we featured Axel Merk’s overview of constru…


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Bonds: A Major Top?

Inflation has been perking up, not only in the U.S., but in the other major countries as well. So despite sluggish eco…

Best Sectors for the "Worst" Months
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Because we already know that the market tends to post the majority of its gains from November through April and does v…

How to Spot Trouble Signs as the Index Turns
Jackie Ann Patterson Image Jackie Ann Patterson

Index investing in ETFs doesn’t mean your portfolio can’t take a gut-shot dive, asserts Jackie Ann Patter…

Tickers: AAPL | SPY | QQQ
Harvard's Lesson: Set a Defensive Strategy
Dennis Slothower Image Dennis Slothower

Harvard Endowment, which manages $36 billion in assets, is selling $2.5 billion in private equity, venture capital, an…

What's a Double Bottom?
Michael Cintolo Image Michael Cintolo

A double bottom chart pattern is a chart pattern used in technical stock analysis to describe the fall in price of a s…

Nasdaq Nears the Golden Spiral
Jeff Greenblatt Image Jeff Greenblatt

The NASDAQ high on Tuesday (May 16) was 6170. Fibonacci aficionados will realize that is 10 points shy of a perfect 61…

Tickers: SBUX
Is It a Bull Market or Bear Market in Metals?
Avi Gilburt, Esq Image Avi Gilburt, Esq

Focus on the technicals that will keep you on the correct side of the market and use stops for the minority of times…

Tickers: GDX
Trump Firing of Comey is Catalyst for 5 Percent Correction
Al Brooks, MD Image Al Brooks, MD

Many traders want higher probability. They therefore must wait for a strong breakout up or down before entering, asse…


In a world filled with opportunities, stocks reign supreme as the active trader's instrument of choice, and with good reason.

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Of course, active trading does have its risks. Market volatility and sudden changes can make taking advantage of short-term price movements difficult. To be successful you need to make quick decisions on a daily basis and that requires a sound stock trading strategy.

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For over 35 years, MoneyShow has brought together the world's greatest financial minds, which is why we’re the resource of choice for hundreds of thousands of investors and traders.

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