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For many fellow contrarian income seekers, the only prescription for income-and-tax fever is safe, reliable interest payments, combined with a dose of tax write-offs. Which brings us to municipal, or "muni" bonds, observes Brett Owens, editor of Contrarian Outlook.
SiteOne Landscape (SITE) will never be a household name, and even among investors, few have heard of the operation, points out Mike Cintolo, growth stock specialist and editor of Cabot Top Ten Trader.
Cybersecurity will likely remain a hot issue that the public and private sectors will have to address for some time to come, suggests Jim Woods, fund expert and editor of The Deep Woods.
Rarely does one company have multiple advantages over its competitors like Air Lease (AL) does. It has the most experienced management team who practically invented the aircraft leasing model, asserts Doug Gerlach, growth stock expert and editor of Investor Advisory Service.
Sponsored Content - In the past 25 years, I’ve spoken to an awful lot of people about gold. Most of them say the right things. They are buying gold as wealth insurance. They are buying gold as an inflation hedge. They are buying gold just in case, says Rich Checkan, president & COO, Asset Strategies International.
Markets are at all-time highs! That means it is time to get bullish, says Lucas Downey of
We are entering the heart of earnings season with bellwethers from most every industry opening their kimonos wide, says Steve Reitmeister, editor of Reitmeister Total Return.
There are many types of momentum equity strategies with varying effectiveness. The death cross is a well-known concept where you buy a product when its 50-day moving average crosses above the 200-day moving average and sell when the reverse occurs, states Joon Choi of Signalalert Asset Management.
I am going to let you in on one of my pet peeves this week: I abhor intellectual dishonesty in analysis. Earnings season always brings to light some wonderful examples, states Avi Gilburt of

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With contracts from Shell and NASA, HyperSciences has already proven its technology. Join CEO Mark Russell to see how HyperSciences is leveraging their hypersonic accelerator, one of the world's faster engines, to disrupt multiple industries. HyperSciences' experienced team of aerospace, oil and gas, energy, and mining professionals are focused on creating solutions to some of the world's most challenging problems, such as geothermal energy drilling and hypersonic aerospace.

The futures markets were created to enable commodity end-users and producers to shift their price risk to speculators. However, investors in traditional assets such as stocks and bonds can efficiently shift portfolio risk to speculators via hedging strategies.

The futures markets also provide an efficient opportunity for diversifying a portfolio via asset classes such as gold and silver without the hassle of handling the physical metal or incurring storage and shipping costs. Further, those looking for an aggressive form of diversification might consider a managed futures program.

Come learn about the various hedging and diversifying tools offered by futures and options.

The last three months of the year are a seasonally strong time of year. October and early November will be benefitting from wave after wave of positive third quarter sales and earnings announcements. Typically, the stock market, especially small capitalization stocks, rally into Thanksgiving, which is a "happy time of year" when we gather with friends and family. Essentially, when consumers are happy, it rubs off and helps boost investor sentiment. This holiday sentiment continues in December, which is also seasonally a good month. Due to these factors, Louis Navellier is expecting an "early January effect" and a strong year-end rally. During this webinar, he will also reveal his best dividend growth stocks as well as powerful growth stocks that he expects will perform well the upcoming months.

Knowing when to own stocks, commodities, currency, or bonds at any time, in any market trend, is a powerful edge. We discuss strategies that allow profiting in rising and falling markets no matter the volatility with only a few trades a year. Big trends don't happen often, but they give huge profits. Moreover, in the coming years, we will see massive rotations in the markets. Get ready to profit when others panic!

ECI Development, with over 25 years of experience working in the real estate development space across the region of Latin America, has built the foundation, reputation, and track record to now spring forward and seize the moment. Join this session with the company's CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Cobb, to discover what ECI Development has to offer.

Jason Guckian will outline Millennium's "Proven Process" for tapping into domestic oil and gas reserves for profit and the ability to write off 100% of the investment against ordinary income, thus reducing at-risk dollars and enhancing economics in successful projects. You'll get an inside look into the company's exploration strategy, which has yielded a 100% success rate in its last four wells, and the expansion opportunity to participate at the ground floor. Put these tremendous tax benefits and attractive upside potential to work for you

The US economy is moving in a positive direction and oil prices are trending upward. In addition, OPEC's oil production cuts, along with tensions in the world-wide hotspots, could be creating a future boom in the oil markets. Many recent articles point to oil prices, not only stabilizing, but potentially skyrocketing in the next few years. At Hornet, we can make money, even when oil is at $18 barrel. Imagine what $75+ oil—plus an aggressive tax write-off for investing in domestic oil and gas—can do for your returns! Find out how you can participate in the next oil boom in one of the more hydrocarbon-rich areas in the US.

Avi Gilburt will take you through his analysis to outline what he expects the S&P 500 and metals to do for the rest of 2021 and provide parameters to help you stay on the profitable side of the market. He will also give you his longer–term prognostication, which may not sit well with many long-term investors.

Join Ryan Wilday as he walks viewers through how to profit from the crypto revolution with their brokerage accounts.

At Preferred Coin Exchange we believe there is a better way to increase your net worth. An alternative, more creative way where we come alongside you, taking a consultative approach. We provide a tailored experience specifically to meet your financial goals. What are we so passionate about? The world's rarest coins. Our mission is to share their stories and get them in the hands of people that are looking for a different way to invest so that they can own the story. We desire to earn your business and believe that the strategies we put forth work because they are tailored to you.