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In the US, the companies thriving during quarantine are household names, Amazon delivery trucks fill the streets and Zoom meetings are now indispensable components of our daily lives. While the US quarantine winners are household names, many of us are less familiar with their global counterparts. In South Korea, Kakao runs the country's leading work-from-home platform, Agit. In China, Alibaba's DingTalk, saw daily active users on workdays reach 155 million by the end of March. South America's E-Commerce platform of choice, MercadoLibre saw triple-digit revenue growth in Mexico during the lockdown. Beyond technology, healthcare is also seeing a significant upgrade as per capita spending in countries like China is three times lower than the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic renewed focus on upgrading healthcare networks and brought new opportunities to the healthcare sector across emerging markets. Join Brendan Ahern of KraneShares as he discusses trends and opportunities, beyond Amazon, that have emerged as a result of lockdowns.
Brendan Ahern
Duration: 30:59