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Top 7 Financial Planning Strategies to Incorporate into Your Retirement

Released on Friday, November 6, 2020ESTATE PLANNING

You want to be confident that you are you are meeting all of your financial objectives. Avoid disappointing results by spotting red flags early in the process and capitalizing on what would otherwise be considered missed opportunities. Susan Mallin pulls all of your wealth-building strategies into the fold in order to marry your investment strategies with financial planning in a way that makes sense for you. She will cover pre-retirement readiness, cash flow withdrawal strategies, tax efficiencies, time value of money, impact of volatility/quality, wealth protection, and dealing with estates.

The greatest contributor to your financial wellbeing is integrating financial planning into all facets of your wealth. - Susan Mallin, CFP, CIM

Susan Mallin
Watt Carmichael, Financial Planner and Associate Portfolio Manager

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