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The Green Coffee Company: Investment Opportunity in a US Company with Sustainable Coffee Farms and Global Clients in the Heart of Colombia

Released on Thursday, July 29, 2021PRIVATE PLACEMENT
The Green Coffee Company is a consolidated coffee farming operation based in Medellin, Colombia and a top-3 producer of coffee in all of Colombia. The company's innovative business model allows complete control of the supply chain: from cultivation, through processing, to direct trade with end clients. The GCC's holistic approach to the coffee sector and commitment to best environmental practices not only establishes the long-term profitability and sustainability of the business, but also improves the quality of the coffee produced on the farms. A projected annual IRR of at least 26% (or 48% projected in the case of a US initial public offering) for investors in this funding round through a projected 2025 exit or IPO gives investors an unprecedented opportunity to generate significant returns from one of the world's most timeless and in-demand commodities.

Josh Ziegelbaum
Legacy Group, Director of Investor Relations

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