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Private Alternative Investments: Asset Classes That Are Not Only Surviving, But Thriving

Released on Wednesday, November 4, 2020REITs

The 2020 public markets have provided a veritable roller-coaster-ride of drama and emotion. Great for a movie—but not for your investment portfolio. There's never been a better time to get off the ride and consider the private alternative investment market. While other investment classes struggle in the pandemic, many private investment products have shown strength and stability in these uncertain times.

Learn from the experts who grew their real estate and clean energy investment business from a few student rentals to a $5B+ asset corporation. Jason Castellan, CEO, and Wayne Byrd, CFO, from Skyline Group of Companies, will walk you through the many benefits of private alternative investments, explaining how you may enjoy capital preservation, fixed income, and capital appreciation, all in one investment.

Wayne Byrd
Skyline Group of Companies, Chief Financial Officer
Jason Castellan
Skyline Group of Companies, Co-Founder and CEO

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