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Ok... You're not buy-and-hold, but trying to time the market is killing you. I will show you how to make money in any market and never worry about timing for tops or bottoms. You have been told that no one can consistently pick market tops and bottoms (which is true, by the way) and therefore, the smart money does not jump into and out of the market. You have been told wrong!I will show you how to simply and consistently measure the market and position your holdings accordingly such that you will always be on the right side of the market and never get caught unprepared in the next bear market; or miss out on the next bull market.The process I will show you is not magic, and it is not opinion. It is simple math, rules, and discipline. I will teach you how to never fear putting your money to work in the stock market and always know when to be bullish, neutral, or bearish.
Mike Turner
Duration: 47:01