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Prepare for the Secular Bear: Strategies to Protect Your Assets from a Market-Crash Scenario

Released on Wednesday, August 11, 2021STRATEGIES
Investing is a game of risk control. 44-year market veteran and crash expert, Michael Markowski, shows you everything about secular markets, why the timing is right for secular bear to begin, and the defensive strategies that can be deployed to grow a portfolio during a secular bear. To quote Mr. Markowski, "The Dow Jones Industrials composite has experienced an even number of secular bull (8) and bear (8) markets, each having minimum durations of eight years since 1802. Due to Dow's current secular bull having a duration of 12 years, the index is ripe and ready to enter its ninth secular bear which could result in a minimum decline of 45% by 2030."

Michael Markowski
AlphaTack , Director of Strategies

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