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Exclusive Prior2IPO Access: Green Life Farms: Leaders in Controlled Environment Agriculture

Released on Tuesday, May 25, 2021PRE IPO

Greenlife Farms grows produce using sustainable farming practices for the freshest, cleanest hydroponic lettuce, with no GMOs, additives, or contaminants. Their innovative farms use renewable energy as much as possible keeping our environmental impact small.

Facts and Financials:

  • The largest hydroponics farm in the United States
  • Produces eight million pounds of small leafy greens
  • Provides product to Winn Dixie, Publix, Whole Foods, and is also a direct vendor for Sysco foods
  • Non-GMO, truly Organic product with its production making a fraction of a carbon footprint of its peers.
  • Lowest overhead cost of any operable hydroponics farm in the United States

Green Life Farms just started construction on their second site which will grow an additional 2.4 million pounds to keep up with demand from Publix, Fresh Point, and Hello Fresh.

25K minimum. No Management or Upfront Fees.

Joe Passalaqua
Prior2IPO, CEO
Jon Trotta
Prior2IPO, CMO

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