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How a Democratic Washington Will Tax You with Inflation

Released on Wednesday, February 17, 2021ECONOMY
With US debt levels set to rocket into the stratosphere, many investors have failed to understand how the new reality will impact their portfolios. Whether the red ink flows from the latest Covid relief packages, or the bevy of economically moronic ideas coming from the new Democrat administration in Washington, annual Federal deficits will remain in the multi-trillion range for the foreseeable future. Almost all of the shortfall will likely be monetized the printing presses of the Federal Reserve. Unlike the past, no one now expects the Fed will ever turn the spigots off. After a decade of dollar strength powering US stocks, the momentum may soon reverse. Investments denominated in foreign currencies are poised to dominate. Peter Schiff explains where the opportunities can be found.

Peter Schiff
Euro Pacific Capital, Inc., Chief Economist and Global Strategist

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