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Converting Non-Dividend Stocks into Dividend Stocks: Selling Call Options to Create Dividend-Like Cash Flow

Released on Tuesday, November 2, 2021STOCKS
Retail investors love dividend-bearing stocks because they generate an additional income stream along with potential share appreciation. As a result, stock screening may be restricted by requiring the securities to only include dividend-bearing stocks. How many great stocks are eliminated because of this one requirement? This presentation will detail how we can use non-dividend stocks and create our own dividend-like cash flow by selling call options. The technique is better than actual dividends because share price will not decline by the dividend amount on the ex-date as do typical dividend stocks. The basics of options will initiate the seminar followed by specifics and real-life examples as to how to implement option-selling to create a dividend-like cash flow with non-dividend bearing stocks.

Alan Ellman
The Blue Collar Investor Corp., President

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