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Takeaways from the MicroCap Biotech Conference

Released on Friday, October 5, 2018BIOTECH

John moderated a panel of Biotech CEOs earlier this week (October 1st) at the MicroCap Conference in NYC. The panel covered a variety of current topics of interest to investors including:

  • The role of pricing and transparency in health care
  • Why are we seeing new initiative like Civica Rx and the JP Morgan/Berkshire Hathaway/Amazon collaboration?
  • How do we address the fast growth of healthcare costs in the United States
  • How the FDA is changing
  • Immuno-oncology and the impact of new biologics in this space
  • Trends in Biotech-focused Venture Capital
  • Availability of capital in the biotech space and China's new role
  • Potential benefits from AI and technology on the healthcare space
  • Regulatory trends and how they impact capital decisions

  • John will share with MoneyShow what biotech CEOs are thinking and what investors are asking about these topics.

    John Vandermosten
    Zacks Investment Research, Senior Biotechnology Research Analyst

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