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Aligning Financial Planning and Investment Strategies

Released on Wednesday, September 30, 2020STRATEGIES
Susan Mallin, financial planner and chartered investment manager, will break down the session into two parts. Part One - Financial planning: Dealing with estates and succession planning for you and your family. Tips on trusts, beneficiaries, foundations, and power of attorneys. In addition, she will discuss retirement income needs and how to have a multi-level approach. Part Two - Investment strategies to align with your financial plan: Portfolio managers, Christopher Frost and Jeff Leisk, answer the interesting questions regarding portfolio construction and investment strategy to align financial needs with planning realities. Tips with regards to income needs while facing a low interest rate environment. Deciding on an optimal asset allocation and diversification strategy, avoiding common errors. To conclude they will discuss surrounding common traps with buy/sell discipline.

Christopher Frost
Watt Carmichael, Portfolio Manager
Jeff Leisk
Watt Carmichael, Portfolio Manager
Susan Mallin
Watt Carmichael, Financial Planner and Associate Portfolio Manager

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