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This presentation will center around several major topic points, depending on the developments between now and the day of the presentation. The probable order of the major points is as follows. First will be the geopolitical setting from the viewpoint of the actuality and likelihood of armed conflict. This is the most important point and helps frame the rest of the talk. Second will be a discussion of population trends, both in terms of demographics and movement of people and their resulting impact on the other factors discussed. Third will be a discussion of US domestic politics, as well as the political setting in some other parts of the world including, on a very cursory basis, Europe. Fourth will be a brief overview of the economic setting in the US and around the world. Fifth with be a discussion of the evolved role of the reserve currency central banks. Sixth will be a discussion of other factors affecting markets, such as: liquidity and taxation. Seventh will be any other things that come up between now and then that are important to our discussion. Last will be comments on the outlook and current situation of the market.
Daniel Fuss
Duration: 22:06