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Improving Trade Management with Micro E-mini Futures

Released on Monday, October 14, 2019FUTURES
At 1/10th the size of the CME Group's E-mini equity index futures, the micro E-minis took the trading world by storm when they launched last month. Retail traders have had a love/hate relationship with the E-minis over recent years. To minimize the risk on a position, professional traders typically scale into and out of trades. Despite the tax advantages to trading the E-minis as compared to index ETFs, the average risk levels associated with trading multiple contracts made futures trading unattainable for many individuals. The micros fill a much-needed gap and allow newer and struggling traders to size positions like the pros. Join veteran trader Toni Hansen at The MoneyShow Dallas to learn one of her favorite trading strategies and how multiple contract trading can provide smoother equity moves than traditional breakout trading.

Toni Hansen, President & CEO

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