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If you have ridden in an Uber, or stayed at an Airbnb property, you have participated in the sharing economy. Social investing uses this same model, combined with AutoTrade technology, to allow great traders to connect with investors. Join Collective2 COO Rod Casilli, 25 year market veteran and automated strategy developer, to learn how tap into a huge community of trading strategy managers to help compliment your own trading and investing. In this presentation workshop, Rod will introduce you to:  Dozens of top-traders you have never heard of and the strategies they use to consistently beat the market - handedly. How to really diversify through exposure to stocks, options, commodities, futures, and hedging strategies all in one place. His tips and recommendations for choosing strategies to consider amongst a large marketplace. Before you subscribe to another newsletter, buy another trading system, or send your money to an outside wealth manager, spend 30 minutes with Rod to understand the opportunities in this new way of investing.  
Rod Casilli
Duration: 56:47