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Kroger: A Food Favorite

Tickers: KR

Given the market’s volatility, I looked for a nice, safe business that operates only in the US, with no exposure to exchange rate gyrations, explains…


Weibo: China's Twitter

Tickers: WB

Generally speaking, for a stock to deliver, lots of things have to go right—good management, a strong line of goods and services and a big target…


Buffett in Awe of Bezos' Genius


After Amazon reported first quarter earnings that exceeded Wall Street expectations, the shares have rallied more than 13%; Michael Berger, Associate…


"Baby Blue Chips" in Healthcare

Tickers: AHS, ICLR, MOH

In our latest screen, we uncovered two "baby blue chips" in the healthcare sector. And while they may not be household names, but they share many…


Broadcom: Evolution of Avago

Tickers: AVGO

The latest addition to our Growth Portfolio is among the best of the breed; it has a big connectivity franchise in a world rushing to become ever…


High on the HOG

Tickers: HOG

When Warren Buffett sits at his desk and plans to consider what his next big purchase is going to be, we know one thing at least, he likes brands.…


Gold Breaks Through $1,300 Per Ounce

Tickers: GLD, NUGT, GDX

Gold has been one of the top places to invest as the probability of multiple interest rate hike looks unlikely according to Michael Berger, Associate…


A Prudent Trio in Technology

Tickers: IBM, INTC, MSFT

Chris Quigley, contributing editor to The Prudent Speculator — an industry-leading newsletter with a long-term value investing focus — looks at…