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ProShares Picks Dividend Aristocrats

Tickers: NOBL

The S&P Dividend Aristocrat Index is comprised of 54 companies that have raised their dividends each and every year for 25 consecutive years, explains…


LyondellBassell: The Right Chemistry

Tickers: LYB

The leading chemical firm is making its debut in our newsletter—and was discovered using low price-earnings to growth ratio analysis—explains…


Don't Hang Your Hopes on OPEC

Tickers: XLE, XOP

Many are wondering whether OPEC can take any action tomorrow to stabilize crude oil prices, so MoneyShow’s Tom Aspray takes a…


ETF Expert Eyes China Trio

Tickers: ASHR, FXI, XPP

Leading ETF expert Doug Fabian sees the market’s best current opportunities in international market, particularly in China. Here,…


Political Gridlock Points to Profits

Tickers: SPX

Logically, one would presume that Presidential gridlock in Washington would be bad for the economy and, therefore, bad for the stock market. But…


Chart Industries: Bumps in the Road

Tickers: GTLS

The recent shakeout in the energy sector hasn’t been limited to oil producers; everything related to liquefied natural gas (LNG) has also struggled,…


Spectra: Value in MLPs

Tickers: SEP, SE

It’s not unusual for MLPs to trade up and down in tandem with the stocks of energy producers, even though most MLPs’ cash flows are much less sensitive…