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Long-Term Energy Bet

Tickers: SLB

The collapse in crude oil along with the energy stocks has created opportunities and MoneyShow’s Jim Jubak thinks one stock is…


Short Option Profit-Taking Strategies

Option trader Michael Thomsett, of, outlines exactly why he feels options can help manage price swings in…


Alexandria Real Estate

Tickers: ARE

One often overlooked REIT sector is life sciences; here’s a look at my favorite play in this market, observes Brad Thomas, the…


Bearish Trade Setups to Zero In On

Ryan Mallory, of, shares a bearish list of trade setups and points out that your chances of succeeding with either…



Tickers: XOM

I think much of the current price plunge was due to politics—not economics—asserts Jim Powell, editor of Global Changes…


Fidelity Balanced

Unlike pure stock funds that emphasize capital appreciation and pay no attention to income, dividend income is a far more important component of…


GSE Systems

Tickers: FLEX, GVP

Regarding his Top Pick last year, Benj Gallander notes "Flextronics (FLEX) had a wonderful 2014—up 45%—and we suspect…


MDC Holdings

Tickers: MDC

John Buckingham is a leading value investor, money manager, and editor of The Prudent Speculator. For his more conservative Top…



Tickers: YHOO, BABA

Whether you are searching the Web, emailing, sharing photos, or checking sports scores, the weather, or stocks, you probably touch some aspect…


Why Time Is Important in Trading

Austin Passamonte of Coiled Markets highlights the various (pre-market and market) trading time periods from a statistical viewpoint…