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Healthcare Choices Boost Healthequity

Tickers: HQY

Our latest featured breakout candidate provides an electronic platform for consumers to make healthcare decisions for health plans, insurance,…


Key S&P500 Trend Line Planning Levels

Tickers: SPX

Technician Corey Rosenbloom, of, suggests that traders take note of the clear trend line—and the clear levels to watch—in…


Good Splits and Bad Splits

Tickers: GOOG, UA, Z, NTT, T

Not all stock splits are equals, suggests Neil Macneale, who cautions against stock splits that involve non-voting stock. The editor of 2-for-1…


Benefits of the Covered Call

Michael Thomsett, of, highlights the benefits of the covered call in options trading and examines the two main criticisms against…


Six Reasons for Gold Pullback

Tickers: FNV, RGLD, GG, SLW, ALS

Six major reasons—with different time frames and differing importance—can be provided for gold's recent collapse, explains Adrian Day,…


EMC: Riding the Data Wave

Tickers: EMC

"What is the world to do with all the data spilling out of our laptops and servers and mobile devices?" asks Linda McDonough in Smart…


All About Ceres

Though he cannot help traders with fertility or motherly relationships like Ceres, the goddess of agriculture in Roman mythology, Blake Robben…


American Capital: Pass-Through Profits

Tickers: AGNC

Our latest dividend-focused idea is a real estate investment trust that invests in residential mortgage pass-through securities and collateralized…