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Fat Profits from Food

In times of market turbulence, it pays to invest in the basics of life. And you can’t get more basic than food, explains Carl Delfeld,…


CalAmp: Tracking Mobil Assets

Tickers: CAMP

Market corrections are not fun when you’re in the middle of them but they’re not all bad and they’re not unusual and—in the long run—they…


What Are Stock Options

For those traders who have not ventured into the world of options yet, now is the perfect time to jump in with both feet. Here, David Frank,…


Callon: A Permian Pick

Tickers: CPE

Our latest featured small-cap idea is an energy exploration and production company focused primarily on the Permian Basin in Texas, suggests Jim…


Six-pack of Income Funds

We should all care about well-managed companies and well managed funds. Those investing at Fidelity can be thankful for the fact that the fund…


USD/JPY Reaches Resistance

Tickers: USD-JPY

Walker England of charts how this currency pair failed to breakout to higher highs as many other yen pairs did on…


Cytec: Top Pick Among Splits

Tickers: CYT

PE and price-to-book ratios are the first numbers I look at when evaluating a new split announcement. It doesn’t matter how great a company is—you…