How to Profitably Trade Options with Earnings Releases and Breaking News

Ardi Aaziznia, Ayandeh Investing Group, Director

Andrew Aziz, Bear Bull Traders, Founder

Day trading stocks has always been a significant part of what active traders and trading firms do. But the recent volatility in the market, coupled with the big shift of retail traders into options trading, have simultaneously created both new opportunities and new challenges for traders. In this course, Andrew Aziz, the managing partner of Peak Capital Trading, and Ardi Aaziznia, growth and risk manager, will discuss how their firm's traders select Stocks in Play before and after earnings and other major breaking news releases. They will also cover how to use leverage and volatility to day trade options for profit.

Course Content

3 Chapters • 1:31:01 Duration
  • Introduction to trading options, including key terminology, details on options pricing, and the differences between trading options versus common shares
  • Understanding how expected moves from important events (like earnings releases) are priced into options – and how you can use implied volatility to help calculate them
  • How leverage factors into the equation, magnifying potential returns but potentially harming traders who aren’t well-educated in the mechanics of options trading
  • Overview of option selling versus option buying, including margin requirements for trading options and details on the risks involved
  • How to select which stocks to target when looking to day trade options
  • Andrew and Ardi will also cover the use of historical moves, catalysts, and option pricing to help increase your “win” rate on trades
  • Additional key strategies that can be successfully used for trading options, with a focus on spreads, naked option selling, and more. You’ll also learn how to select the best options strikes and expiration dates, with multiple examples provided and discussed
  • Risk and trade management: Delta hedging, profit taking, and exit strategies. The goal? Teach attendees how to manage a position from start to finish
  • Psychological elements of trading options. Options move much faster than stocks, and have inherent leverage built in that can magnify both losses and returns. For that reason, effectively managing your trading psychology is one of the key aspects of options trading

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Ardi Aaziznia
Ayandeh Investing Group, Director
Andrew Aziz
Bear Bull Traders, Founder

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