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Stefanie Kammerman: Where's the Top?
9 hours ago

At TradersExpo Las Vegas, Stefanie Kammerman: I read the tape, that's my crystal ball and I particul...

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Kammerman, Stefanie
Duration: 3:53
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How to Value Roku
15 hours ago

Roku (ROKU) makes those small streaming players that connect to your TV; it has seen its stock rise ...

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Tyler Laundon
Tickers: ROKU
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John Netto: Why Netto Number Matters
11/21/2017 8:50 pm EST

At TradersExpo Las Vegas, John Netto: The Netto Number, from his 600-page book, adds useful context ...

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Netto, John
Duration: 4:11
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Harry Boxer on Intraday Trading
11/21/2017 8:26 pm EST

At TradersExpo Las Vegas, Harry Boxer: I tell people what patterns are intraday, one-minute patterns...

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Boxer, Harry
Duration: 3:18
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Jack Crooks on US, Canada Dollars
11/21/2017 6:28 pm EST

At TradersExpo Las Vegas, Jack Crooks shares ideas on forex, currency markets, global macros, spot m...

Crooks, Jack Image
Crooks, Jack
Duration: 3:33