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Two Ways to Play Centene's Next 40-Day Moving Average Bounce

Trade idea: For those looking to trade CNC now, a long call spread allows you to take part in a bull…

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Trading Lesson: Getting Your Feet Wet in Cryptocurrency

First of a series: We will outline how to trade this asset class, and we will consider whether we ha…

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Ken's Breakout Charts: BOX, CBG, TSM, VXX

Join Ken Calhoun each week for a new episode of Breakout Chart of the Week for stock swing traders a…

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View from London: Mood about Equities Lifts Global Bond Market

Forex is more a side-show with British pound hit on retail sales, Swedish krona on jobs, NZ dollar o…

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Profits Flow at Aqua America

If anyone needed a reminder of how essential utilities are to our lives, the recent devastation from…

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Macy's: For Value Shoppers

As Charles Dickens might say it is a good stock market, it is a bad stock market. It is good in the …

Russ Kaplan Image Russ Kaplan
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General Motors: Ready to Bolt?

Shares of General Motors (GM) have been on quite a run of late, with the latest jump last week court…

Jason Clark Image Jason Clark
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Stick with Drugstore Stocks

Amazon (AMZN) is said to be considering a mail-order pharmacy business, targeted initially at consum…

Bob Ciura Image Bob Ciura
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Is There a White Swan?

The only time we don’t get a Santa rally is during a confirmed bear market. If the reaction do…

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Doctor Copper and Cobalt

Copper is often seen as an indicator of economic health, historically falling when overall manufactu…