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There are advantages of investing in joint venture oil drilling projects, such as current oil price leading to huge potential profits, tax advantages, choosing the right type of project for you, and the rapid and potentially extremely high rate of return on investment. Dan Sauer will demonstrate this opportunity and describe what has made him consistently successful in this sector. 

Join seasoned trader Fausto Pugliese as he unravels the closely guarded secrets of market makers. This dynamic webinar equips both beginners and seasoned traders with essential tools to navigate the markets with confidence and precision. 

You will also learn:

·         Master market maker fundamentals and their impact on day trading.

·         Essential day trading concepts, including technical analysis and order types.

·         Strategies to leverage market maker behavior for potential profit. 

Providing financial support to your children and grandchildren can be a very rewarding experience. But how can that best be done? In this presentation, learn how best to invest in your children’s and grandchildren’s educational and financial future to ensure that your gifts align with both your individual and family goals. 

In this presentation, Donald Dony will reveal two simple methods to outperform the Toronto Stock Exchange using the iShares S&P/TSX 60 (XIU). The first method enhances a time-tested strategy of moving average crossover. The second method uses the XIU and sectors. Donald will reveal a straightforward technique focused on buying only the sector ETFs outperforming the XIU. 

Join Orion Szathmary, CEO of TradeZero Canada, for a 30-minute session showcasing the features that matter most to many active traders. Discover how custom hotkey shortcuts can streamline your trading, allowing for quick and efficient order execution. Explore advanced order types like range and contingent orders, which offer greater flexibility in your trading strategies. Enjoy free liquidity-adding orders for stock trades, flat-rate commissions of $0.59 per contract for options trades, and 24/7 customer support. This session is your chance to see how TradeZero Canada's toolkit can support your active trading goals, all while benefiting from training, education, and round-the-clock service. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how TradeZero Canada is changing the game for Canadian day traders. 

IBD’s MarketDiem newsletter gives you hand-picked trade ideas for stocks and options right in your inbox every weekday during market hours. Our team does the research, so you get smarter trading insights, timely market analysis, and even bite-size investing lessons––all in a quick 5-minute read. Subscribe today for $4.99 per month or just $20 for the entire year.  

Dive into the art of decoding order flow, mastering market dynamics, and maximizing profits. Join Paras for a dynamic session where you'll explore essential tape reading skills and witness live demonstrations to pinpoint the imbalance between buyers and sellers. Elevate your trading game and transform your strategy with this must-attend event. 

Raghav Mehta CFA, ETF strategist at Fidelity Investments Canada discusses upcoming opportunities in fixed income. With central banks nearing the end of rate hike cycles, bond investors had faced a challenging and volatile environment. With yields near decade highs, there are now various sectors of the bond market that investors should consider when building a well-diversified portfolio. 

It's an exciting time for commodities and the companies exploring and producing them! Many are surging in value, while other up-and-comers appear poised to do so next. Find out from this trio of natural resource companies in the uranium, copper/gold, and lithium sectors what business looks like. Then, learn about the unique profit opportunities each offers investors in the rest of 2024 and beyond. 

After six tough years in the small and mid-cap world, investors are finally taking notice of faster growth and low valuations in the sector. Last year, small and mid-cap valuations got below pandemic lows and very close to the 2008 financial crisis lows. Relative to large caps, small caps are about as cheap as they've ever been. In this presentation, Peter James Hodson will examine what caused the decline, the catalysts for improvement, and what lies ahead. He will also reveal and discuss some of his favourite US and Canadian small and mid-cap companies. 

The growth of covered call ETFs has led to a broad range in distribution yields on the different products, each with its own set of choices and trade-offs.   In this session, we explore what drives the yield on a covered call ETF.  We explore key considerations an investor can use to make an informed decision when investing in these solutions. Balancing a reliable source of cash flow while generating growth from an investment portfolio is the key objective for many investors.  Sophisticated investors know that there are trade-offs to be made but may not know what those are.  We will discuss the various approaches to covered call strategies, their benefits, and their implications for one’s portfolios, all with the goal of helping investors determine the right mix for their own investment objectives.  BMO ETFs is the leading covered call ETF provider by AUM, and number of listings1, with many of our ETFs having over a 10+ years track record.  Our ETFs aim to provide yield you can trust for access to growth and cash flow. 

In this session, Dalia Barsoum and Rachel Oliver will reveal a real estate investment strategy that allows you to benefit from the direct ownership of Canadian real estate without the headaches of tenants and toilets. They will also delve into why now is one of the best times to own Canadian real estate using this strategy, how it compares to other real estate investing strategies, and how to structure deals and financing to earn double-digit annualized returns and mitigate the risks involved with this investment strategy. 

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