Sean Brodrick
11 hours ago

Election day is bearing down on us. And no matter who wins the presidency, four states have adult-use legalization initiatives on their November ballots, explains Sean Brodric...

Richard Moroney
11 hours ago

The U.S. Justice Department has sued Alphabet (GOOGL) on antitrust grounds, notes growth and income ...

Tickers: GOOGL
Michael Cintolo
10/26/2020 5:00 am EST

We haven’t stepped foot into the marijuana sector during the past couple of years, but a few a...

Tickers: GRWG
Rida Morwa
10/26/2020 5:00 am EST

To be a Dividend Aristocrat, a company needs to increase their dividend at least once a year for 25 ...

Tickers: O T FRT
Stephen Mauzy
10/26/2020 5:00 am EST

Preferred-stock closed-end funds (CEFs) are popular with conservative income investors; preferred CE...

Tickers: INFO
Bruce Kaser
11 hours ago

General Motors (GM) under CEO Mary Barra (since 2014) has transformed from a lumbering giant to a we...

Tickers: GM

The shares of Consolidation Edison (ED) are currently breaking out from a bull flag pattern on the c...

Tickers: ED
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