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Join Whitney Elkins-Hutten, director of investor education at, for an insightful discussion to enhance your understanding of real estate debt funds and showcase their critical role in a diversified investment portfolio. In this presentation, Whitney will explore how these funds provide more predictable returns than traditional real estate investments, especially under current market conditions, highlighting why the present economic environment offers an exceptional opportunity to invest in these funds. Additionally, Whitney will offer practical, actionable strategies to help you conduct due diligence, evaluate fund performance, and techniques to maximize returns while minimizing risks. 

It is always a good idea to look back on the start of the year to assess how we got to where we are and where we might go from here. Using Lowry’s Supply and Demand analysis, we will examine the balance between Buying Power and Selling Pressure, supported by the full body of technical evidence, to chart our way into the second half. 

In a polarized world with an out-of-control legal system and sky-high jury awards, find out how to keep your wealth and assets safe.  

Hornet’s foundation is built on a simple principle yet strong belief: strength comes from our dedicated team and partners like you. The constant communication with our partners, our team’s commitment to excellence, and our successes in striking oil in various Tennessee counties are a testament to this dedication. 

Unlock the power of tax deferral and tax-savings strategies with oil and gas investing. From macroeconomics to current events, learn about the advantages and risk considerations when it comes to oil and gas investing. We will unravel the inner workings of our oil and gas direct participation program (DPP) and how it can be leveraged to your client’s advantage, reducing taxes and monthly passive income. 

After years of underinvestment and political hurdles, the power infrastructure in America is on the verge of collapsing.  The roll-out of electric vehicles, the reshoring of industrial production, and now the massive amount of data needed for AI has put us on the precipice of blackouts across the USA.  We have an off-the-radar stock pick that will be a huge beneficiary of this crisis. 

Join Thomas Hayes to see how we are positioned to navigate the markets for the 2nd half of 2024.

Join Jerremy Newsom, the CEO of Real Life Trading as he shares his exact day trading plan.  He will hold nothing back, as he provides his rules, the PDF for his plan, his charts for the plan, and the rules that he follows every day!  He will go over exact trades to show his entries, exits, targets, and bullet profit system for delicious cash flow!    

Forget the Fed. That’s yesterday’s story. The next move will be down. Inflation rates will surprise on the downside. Structural flaws in the CPI overstate inflation. Spending growth will disappoint. COVID cash has now all been spent. Banks are closed to small business lending. Stock prices will more and more reflect company performance, not Fed policy. Investors need to understand intrinsic value, a company’s ability to generate growing, sustainable cash flow, and intrinsic risk, the factors that can shut off that cash flow. Bottom line: After 40 years of Fed-driven markets, investors need a new set of tools to identify and capture intrinsic value and monitor and control intrinsic risk. This talk will help investors master those tools. 

At the February 2024 MS in Vegas, Mish described to attendees what could go wrong and why buying gold was smart. Now, with a shortage of raw materials and growing demand, geopolitical stress, soaring government debt, higher for longer interest rates, rising inflation, and slowing economic growth, Mish has been here before. She will share her experience and knowledge on how to make money during the toughest economic time and beyond.

Join Larry as he covers the three key growth themes for the second half of 2024. He will discuss the Artificial Intelligence buildout and the key role that semiconductors play in the explosive growth of this industry. He will also discuss the addressable market for GLP-1 medication, as well as current and future potential leaders. Lastly, he will delve into the growth of copper and its importance in AI buildout, the EV transition, and power grid/electrification buildout.

Learn more about this long-time producing oil project that is getting a makeover. See how TM2, is creating an investment opportunity that can provide you 2.5 times your investment and is 100% tax deductible. 

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