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How do we separate Bitcoin from FTX and the Sam Bankman-Fried's of the space?  How do you profit without getting frozen in the Crypto Winters and volatility? Are we too late to profit, or will the crypto bull market keep raging?  Which coins? Which strategy? Which ETF? Which Wallet?  

Every waste stream is a potential source of power. As electric rates continue to rise and pressure increases on power producers, USA Water & Power is building a profitable, clean series of projects in the biggest industry in America.  

Recession, soft landing, or liftoff? Will 2024 bring about a sea change in equity leadership that spurs small caps to outperform or tech and communications sector leadership to break? If the Fed does indeed begin to trim interest rates this year, it could spur a recovery in sentiment that reshuffles equity leadership. Likewise, consensus expects a revenue and earnings recovery to begin this year that could spur some interest in eschewed groups. But the outlook is far from certain. In this session, the U.S. Small-cap and sector strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence will cover the U.S. equity market outlook, including a size and sector allocation framework, an analysis of valuations and earnings trends, and a review of burgeoning technical signals for domestic stocks. 

What are the global macro environment factors like the domestic and international regulatory policies influencing Bitcoin and other digital assets? How will spot ETF approvals influence the industry at large? How are advisors and investors using digital assets? What can we expect next? Join Andy Baehr for an informative discussion on the digital asset landscape.   

Drawing on his vast and extensive experience as a stock and futures trader since 1967, Jake Bernstein explains in detail the outstanding trading and timing indicator, XC, and its precise use in all markets and time frames. Joined by his associate and XC co-developer, Brian Latta, they will show how XC is used for timing and trend changes.  XC is a highly stable 100% rules-based indicator developed specifically for capturing large moves early in their inception. As a long-time presenter at MoneyShow events, Jake's sessions have always delivered valuable tools and trading methods to serious traders keen to improve their results. 

Some investors seek to align their investing portfolios with their personal values. But can investors do that without sacrificing potential returns? In this interview segment, you’ll learn about one firm and ETF that believes it has a solution for politically conservative individuals. Be sure to tune in!

Elliott Wave International’s unique analytical approach will help you identify potential pitfalls and profit opportunities in the markets. 

Join thought leaders from NEOS Investments and Nasdaq to understand the evolution of options-based products and pairing tax efficiency with income generation, as well as break down the complexity of yield. 

It’s LIVE trading time! Join Simpler Trading's TG Wakins, Joe Rokop, and Allison Ostrander as they battle the markets at the March 2024 virtual MoneyShow. Watch as this panel of all-stars identifies possible trade ideas and places their bets. Walk away with lessons you can apply to your own trading account in the future.  

The so-called “magnificent seven” big tech stocks still get most of the attention when it comes to the artificial intelligence boom. But as they run out of steam following last year’s record gains, an up-to-now overlooked AI-linked sector is starting to pick up steam—electric utilities. Roger highlights top utility AI bets with an upside of 50% and more over the next year from this emerging great rotation.    

Understanding the different risk profiles of the two various ways to have exposure to equity markets can be beneficial in investors’ positioning. Learn more about how and why to have equal-weighted exposure in 2024. 


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