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Sophisticated investors and active traders have long viewed MoneyShow as a singular resource for knowledge on the strategies, services, and tools required to maintain a healthy and profitable portfolio. Now you can get the market intelligence, actionable advice, and specific recommendations for which MoneyShow is renowned in your choice of venues—from your home, in select North American destination cities, and aboard ultra-luxurious cruise ships.

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MoneyShow is the largest financial education company of its kind, supporting the educational needs of self-directed investors, active traders, and financial advisors. For four decades, MoneyShow has provided audiences with access to industry titans, who provide actionable recommendations and advice through face-to-face and virtual events, as well as online through

Our audience receives highly focused information, specific recommendations, strategies, and often, customized advice from acknowledged experts in a marketplace where this advice can be acted upon immediately if they so choose. But whether a decision is taken on the spot or in the future, the expert guidance and education received helps our audience organize priorities, focus on relevant issues, and ultimately prune or reposition appropriately to create stronger annual portfolio performance.

Not only is MoneyShow a household name for successful individual investors, traders, and financial advisors, as well as financial companies and media around the world, but we also intrinsically link to industry heavy hitters in a powerful way. Our live events bring together these mutually interested, motivated, and highly qualified constituencies, offering them unparalleled opportunities for profitable interactivity and learning. It is a solid model that has proven itself adaptable to the transformation of global communication. In fact, given today’s global financial markets, MoneyShow’s fundamental purpose of providing expert education for self-directed investors and active traders and offering them specific portfolio recommendations and strategies in a very personalized way is attracting more interest and business than ever.