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There are many reasons why some succeed at trading, while others badly fail. One of the biggest differences is in trade preparation, establishing proper targets, and being able to stay in the position. Having a sound trading plan and strategy can make the world of difference to any trader, no matter their experience level. Top professional traders share their expert trading strategies to help you become a more consistently profitable trader.

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If you’ve been following this post over the past few months, one of the few conditions I warned about that did not materialize to this point is a major drop in the US Dollar. Instead, we’ve had a reaction since August in the Ten Year, explains Jeff Greenblatt of Lucas Wave International.
I come across many traders every week, each with different styles, backgrounds, levels of experience, and preferred trading vehicle—futures, commodities, stocks, options, crypto. They all want to know...When am I supposed to sell, states Bob Lang of Explosive Options.
Euro’s weekly, three-day dhart candlesticks may tempt traders to buy call spreads, while Bitcoin’s and gold’s breakout directions are unclear, writes Trevor Smith of Trevor's Trading.
Eagle Point Credit Company (ECC) is a closed-end fund that invests in CLOs (collateralized loan obligations). CLOs are bundles of corporate bank loans that are "securitized" and sold to investors, explains Rida Morwa, editor of High Dividend Opportunities.
One of the advantages of writing a newsletter is that it creates a space to review the markets from a longer-term monthly perspective rather than the normal hectic daily cycles, states Ian Murphy of
The holiday-shortened week ended with a broad sell-off in the major averages, states Bonnie Gortler of
I’ll come right out and say it: seasonal trends are masking worrying market signals, states Bob Lang of Explosive Options.
What is price action? There is no widely accepted definition of price action, but I think a broad one is most helpful for traders, states Al Brooks of
Trader and author Larry Pesavento discusses the four critical Fibonacci ratios he uses in his trading, and why buying into weakness or selling into strength is important.
Investors who want income don’t have to settle for the negative real yields (after inflation and taxes) available in traditional retirement income investments, explains Bob Carlson, editor of Retirement Watch.

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Many investors get caught in popular investment themes. They enthusiastically buy near the top, then fearfully sell near the bottom. Keith Richards will be sharing insight into using contrarian analysis tools designed to help you buy oversold markets and securities that have reached their capitulation stage. These same tools can help you avoid or sell an overbought market or security that has reached its euphoric stage. Taking key lessons from his new book Smart Money, Dumb Money, this seminar will assist you in incorporating contrarian analysis into a logical trading strategy.
Interest rates have bottomed, inflation is rising, and the economy is recovering. Join Michael Cooke, SVP and head of ETFs at Mackenzie Investments, to learn about strategies that can improve diversification, reduce risk, and enhance returns in the year ahead.
The global economy has some major problems. Benj Gallander will discuss the current state of affairs and some stocks that will potentially do much better than the market and potentially enhance his 20-year annualized return of 18.1%.
Buying just the index (S&P 500 or TSX) would simplify outperform over 95% of fund managers, mutual funds, and private broker client accounts over any five-year period. This is due, not because of a lack of expertise, but because of investment fee (MER), the overhead cost to the analyst, commission fees to the broker, and just keeping the lights in the home office. This combination can be anywhere from 2% to a whopping 5%. This can be a big chuck of the profits. However, to outperform the index, a slightly different approach is needed besides simply buying and holding the index. This is where the fun starts.

With so much selection across the global financial markets, the hurdle traders are often faced with is how to find better trading opportunities in today's fast-moving markets.

With zero commission trading available on share CFDs with CMC Markets now, join Eric Chang as he walks through simple and effective price action strategies to optimize your trading activity. During this session he will also highlight the tools found on the CMC Markets' trading platform which can help you find better trading opportunities across the global financial markets. Look forward to the below highlights:

  • Why market professionals are looking to diversify their portfolios in 2021 by including CFDs as a means to trade share weakness
  • The benefits of trading share CFDs
  • The key charting tools which will help you make the most of your existing trading activity (volume on charts, pattern recognition scanner)

Avi Gilburt, founder of and one of the top-followed analysts on Seeking Alpha, will take you through his analysis to outline what he expects the S&P 500 to do in 2022 and provide parameters to help you stay on the profitable side of the market. He will also give you his longer-term prognostication, which may not sit well with many long-term investors.
The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything but the value of nothing. In this session, Douglas Kass will describe what he has learned through numerous decades of successful navigation through some of the most turbulent periods in market history. Listeners will receive valuable information on his time-tested analytical skills, and his essential for looking past current noise and herd mentality. Mr. Kass will share the critical rules that he lives by to help you become a better investor.

The re-starting of the global economy has come with multiple hiccups including supply-chain glitches, labor shortages, social divisiveness, and confusing government responses. Thomas Lee discusses how corporates have been very resilient in the midst of this, creating value for shareholders.
Oliver L. Velez, bestselling author, world renowned speaker, and the industry's number one rated educator, will explain what he believes to be the next big wealth opportunity ahead. Come see him detail precisely how this opportunity can produce wealth beyond what most ever achieve. Don't miss this one.

The market has had an incredible run so far this year and despite Covid, supply-chain issues, skyrocketing inflation, zero interest rates, incessant turmoil in Washington, etc., the market continues to boom higher. But you know and I know that there is a bust coming to this boom at some point. Some believe it is right around the corner; maybe notbut can you take the chance of not being prepared?

One way or the other, one of these days the market is going to fall off a cliff and your portfolio needs to be prepared for that fateful day.

Can you afford to lose 50% or more of your investments in the next major bear market? As an investor, why would you rely on the same old buy-and-hold nonsense that most financial advisors push? Why follow a strategy virtually guaranteed to get decimated in the next bear market cycle.

What if you could make money in bear markets just as you make money in bull markets? In this session you will learn how to build a world-class portfolio that is just as prepared to take advantage of bear markets as it is for bull markets.

After the presentation has ended, you can join Mike for a special Zoom conference where you can probe as deep as you want into his highly successful portfolio that makes his clients money in both bull and bear markets.



In today’s uncertain and computer-driven market, lots of traders are making one critical mistake. They don’t know how to manage a trade once they are in it, so they hold and watch a winner become a loser. Learn how to line up a successful trade, set a realistic target, and know when a trade is not going to work out, so you can exit before incurring large losses.

Trading requires a disciplined approach and there are techniques you can learn to use now that can minimize your risk and increase your profits. The secret lies in knowing how consistently profitable traders find trades and manage them well from start to finish. Anyone can learn these trading strategies—all you need is a commitment to discover what works and the confidence to implement them. Whether you trade stocks, options, or futures, we’ve gathered the top experts here to show you specific tactics that can be used immediately to spot opportunities and trade them profitably.

Trading is a dynamic enterprise. If you aren’t improving your systems, strategies, and technology you may be losing ground. Our experts will keep you up to date on all the cutting-edge tools—as well as some that have stood the test of time—to keep you on the fast track to trading success.

Whether you're just starting out or a veteran trader looking for fresh ideas, or you are interested in learning day trading strategies, stock trading strategies, and everything in between, this section is made for you.Every article, video, or event is designed to bring you the latest intelligence available so that you can make better trading decisions, starting with your very next trade. Our experts will help you gain the edge you need to succeed in any market environment.