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There are many reasons why some succeed at trading, while others badly fail. One of the biggest differences is in trade preparation, establishing proper targets, and being able to stay in the position. Having a sound trading plan and strategy can make the world of difference to any trader, no matter their experience level. Top professional traders share their expert trading strategies to help you become a more consistently profitable trader.

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Prepare for more downside. Two sectors are seeing forced selling, states Lucas Downey of
Everything is in interpretation. One great example of this is when Kentucky Fried Chicken started expanding to China in the 1980s. They tried in earnest for a literal translation to Mandarin of their famous slogan: “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good!”, but instead it came out more like “Eat Your Fingers Off!” That doesn’t exactly scream ‘delicious’…unless you’re a cannibal, writes Jason Bodner, editor at Navellier & Associates.
In the electrifying world of financial markets, rapid access to real-time data reigns supreme when it comes to successful trading, states Konstantin Rabin of LearnFX.
Trading successfully requires certain traits. When examining top traders, essential qualities emerge, says Steve Burns of New Trader U.
One of the biggest challenges traders face is deciding which indices and indicators to trust when uncertainty clouds the market, states Ian Murphy of
The early action on “Fed Days” like this one doesn’t matter much, since it’s likely to change once we get the news later. But for now, stocks and Treasuries are modestly higher while crude oil is giving back a bit of its recent gains. The dollar, gold, and silver are flattish.
Investors had a lot of headwinds to contend with in the week just passed, from hotter-than-expected readings from two of the three closely followed monthly inflation reports, to a United Auto Workers (UAW) strike at key plants for each of the three US automakers, and the growing likelihood of a US government shutdown by month end, notes Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at CFRA Research.
Over the past few years, we've witnessed a significant shift in the world of investing, as retail investors have taken center stage. This transformation has been made possible by a new wave of companies that are using technology to empower individuals to invest like never before. In this article, I’ll introduce you to some of these innovative companies that are reshaping the landscape of retail investing, writes Konstantin Rabin of LearnFX.
Is this the world’s most important trend that no one is talking about, asks JC Parets of
Stocks finished flat yesterday...and they’re starting off flat today. Gold and silver are up just a tad, while the dollar and Treasuries are lower. Crude oil is the real show-stealer, however, rising in the early going (again).

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Join Inna Rosputnia to uncover the secrets of profitable investing startups. Moreover, she will share the most promising sector for investments.

Dr. John Rutledge will explain why economics did such a bad job and give you a simple framework for understanding these massive asset-market disruptions. He will explain where we are today, and help you understand what to expect in the post-pandemic years ahead. And he will give you the five simple disciplines behind his investment strategy today:
  • Investors need to leave their emotions at the door.
  • You should forget GDP and focus on asset markets.
  • Financial crises are when you make all the money.
  • You should stay invested in core companies and hold plenty of cash.
  • Follow the first four disciplines, turn off your TV, put down your phone, and spend time with your family.

After a super first half of 2023 for stocks, what can we say is a likely future path? How will election-year politics fit in? Where are we in the economic cycle in a world where the world's longest-ever anticipated recession didn't come? With so many people wrong in 2023, will they be similarly wrong in 2024? All this and more with predictions, data, and visuals by Ken Fisher.

2023 has been a roller coaster of a year. With a major election, higher interest rates, AI, & economic uncertainty all playing different roles in the market over the next 15 months, we'll discuss ideas in public markets and alternative investments to power your portfolio in what looks to be another crazy year.
Avi Gilburt shares some of the theoretical reasons why and when he uses Elliott Wave as opposed to fundamental analysis and then shows how EW sheds light on the bigger picture of the S&P 500.

Timeframe factors into your trading plan in a big way, and it's essential to have a model that can adapt to both where the opportunities lie and the time horizon that suits your trading style. In this presentation, I'll show you exactly how to use the Wave Principle to add the structure and definition your trading plan requires, at any timeframe.

Earlier this year Jonathan Hoenig made a dramatic call on the dollar. Find out how he's playing the recent volatility and learn how you can potentially profit from a bear market in the buck. Mr. Hoenig is a published author, Fox News Contributor, and portfolio manager at

Developed markets have been caught between two forces in 2023, just like Homer's Odysseus. The Scylla of higher inflation/higher interest rates and its negative impacts on some sectors...and the Charybdis of recession worries/global weakness and its negative impacts on others. Homer would have you believe there is no third way. That you can't navigate your way past them without sacrifice. But was he wrong? MoneyShow Editor-in-Chief Mike Larson will share his thoughts—and recommendations—for investors in this presentation.

Despite decelerating inflation, strong economic news has sent Treasury yields soaring. However, we are in a "rolling recovery," since the manufacturing sector is at its lowest level in the past 3 years. As a result, investors need to be invested in the companies with the strongest sales & earnings, as well as positive guidance. Louis will reveal his favorite A-rated stocks, including companies that are benefitting from the AI mania!


In today’s uncertain and computer-driven market, lots of traders are making one critical mistake. They don’t know how to manage a trade once they are in it, so they hold and watch a winner become a loser. Learn how to line up a successful trade, set a realistic target, and know when a trade is not going to work out, so you can exit before incurring large losses.

Trading requires a disciplined approach and there are techniques you can learn to use now that can minimize your risk and increase your profits. The secret lies in knowing how consistently profitable traders find trades and manage them well from start to finish. Anyone can learn these trading strategies—all you need is a commitment to discover what works and the confidence to implement them. Whether you trade stocks, options, or futures, we’ve gathered the top experts here to show you specific tactics that can be used immediately to spot opportunities and trade them profitably.

Trading is a dynamic enterprise. If you aren’t improving your systems, strategies, and technology you may be losing ground. Our experts will keep you up to date on all the cutting-edge tools—as well as some that have stood the test of time—to keep you on the fast track to trading success.

Whether you're just starting out or a veteran trader looking for fresh ideas, or you are interested in learning day trading strategies, stock trading strategies, and everything in between, this section is made for you.Every article, video, or event is designed to bring you the latest intelligence available so that you can make better trading decisions, starting with your very next trade. Our experts will help you gain the edge you need to succeed in any market environment.