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There are many reasons why some succeed at trading, while others badly fail. One of the biggest differences is in trade preparation, establishing proper targets, and being able to stay in the position. Having a sound trading plan and strategy can make the world of difference to any trader, no matter their experience level. Top professional traders share their expert trading strategies to help you become a more consistently profitable trader.

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My morning routine is that, usually, I’m in front of the computer at 8:00 am Central Time, 30 minutes before the US markets open. I run the scanner on PowerX Optimizer, and it finds possible trades based on my criteria, explains Markus Heitkoetter of Rockwell Trading.
There are, I think, two basic ways that most trades go sideways. The first is something that all of us do, pretty much daily—deviation from our setup, explains Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management.
Is the Big Money Index starting to roll over? The BMI was set to become overbought, and that's the red zone, states Lucas Downey and Jason Bodner of
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We’ve been looking at one point on the NASDAQ-100 (NDX) since February 22. Once we hit that gap down, I thought it could be retested before the real correction started, explains Jeff Greenblatt of Lucas Wave International.
This month Welles Wilder, a titan of technical analysis, passed away. He was the inventor of RSI, Parabolic SAR, and Average Directional Index, explains Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management.
In this article we’ll talk about how much money you need to trade for a living. I’ll share with you my three-step approach and give you an example from my trading account, explains Markus Heitkoetter of Rockwell Trading.
The pace of the market's advance has slowed from the torrid run that it had between March 26 and April 16, but the S&P 500 (SPX) is still making new all-time highs almost every day, states Larry McMillan of Option Strategist.
If you read all the talented people who write for this website, you’ll find each has a unique view on how to succeed at trading, explains Jeff Greenblatt of Lucas Wave International.
Trading is fun and every trader is happy when their trades move in the right direction, but when a trade goes against you, you will experience a lot of emotions, explains Markus Heitkoetter of Rockwell Trading.

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Shane Smoleny developed the Fed Juice® a financial model that tracks the Federal Reserve's daily activities, tracks its impact on financial markets, and also touches every commodity market in some way. On March 20, 2020, he made a bold prediction that the stock markets and the economy would make a complete recovery right at the market lows of Covid-19. The Fed Juice® tracked the full market recovery through 2020 back to new highs.
Join Peter Mulmat, host of Splash Into Futures at tastytrade, to check out the case for gold and silver in the battle of precious metals by learning how to pairs-trade metal markets against each other. He will discuss how to trade gold, silver, and platinum in one small, standard, and simple product.

Starting a trading career isn't a decision to be taken lightly. It is possible to be successful and earn a living trading only a few hours per day, but that's likely many months away for people just starting out.

Join Oliver Velez, bestselling author, world renowned speaker, and the industry's number one rated educator, to discuss what you need to do in order to put yourself on the right path and jump start your trading career.

The Incentive Profit Sharing Accounts achieved an outsized return of 230% in less than one year since their inception in April 2020 compared to the S&P 500 TR of 47%. The AFC Growth Accounts are besting the S&P 500 TR by a compounded average of 3% annually for the last 16 years. The presentation will explore why higher returns may NOT mean higher risk. These are actual client accounts net of all fees and costs. These accounts are not models, not hypothetical, not back-tested. Mike Adams will discuss both the structure of the accounts and superior stock selection. The accounts are always fully invested. It's a great feeling to be caught with your pants up!' as Peter Lynch said. We always have to say that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
In this presentation you will learn a simple yet effective way to read charts in order to profit. Latoya Smith, co-founder of The Profit Room, will walk you through market structure on various time frames which will reveal high favorable risk/reward ratios. You will also be able to apply these concepts to any market such as stocks, options, forex, futures, etc.
JC Parets will explain how he uses the top/down global approach to identify which stocks are going higher and which ones are likely to go much lower. This discussion will include US stocks, gold and other precious metals, interest rates, and all of their intermarket relationships.
Many market surprises can be avoided if you know where to look for warnings. If you see a sign Landmines on the side of the road, you're not going to walk into that field. Similar signs are posted along some of the market roads. Inexperienced and undisciplined traders who ignore those signs can get lucky for a while—but eventually walk into a real explosion. In this presentation Dr. Elder will show you where to find such signs and explain how to react them as you plan your path forward.
Carolyn Boroden will share how she uses the Fibonacci ratios on both the time and price axis of the market to identify key support and resistance decisions on the charts. These decisions are considered relatively low-risk, high-probability trade setups. Risk can also be refined even further by using stock options for these trade setups.

When it comes to trading, Julie and Adrian Manz have an enviable edge. They both hold doctorates in psychology, intuitively anticipating crowd behavior, and are well versed in using statistics to find fuel for big market moves. This power couple has been trading the markets exhaustively since 1997, teaching thousands of like-minded people to become market operators by following their cycle-driven trading style, highlighting psychological performance and health.

In this interactive 30-minute session, the Manz's will share insights from their decades of personal experience in the markets. They will give you a look into the time-tested strategies they use as intraday traders. They will also share lessons learned from psychological challenges that are inevitable but surmountable. Mentoring and coaching TraderInsight's Income Trading Mastermind Members, Julie and Adrian Manz actively work with students and continue building expertise on the mental elements involved in successfully trading for daily income. In this session, they will share their latest insights with you.

This unique seminar will allow attendees to learn actionable trading strategies and understand the psychology necessary to profit from them. Everyone planning to attend is encouraged to complete a brief, free trader psychology assessment at before watching the presentation. This short assessment will make the seminar more meaningful and help traders understand their successes and challenges in the market.

2021 may be the most consequential year for markets in decades. Find out why and see what Elliot Wave International says about navigating the trends in stocks, bonds, currencies, and the precious metals.



In today’s uncertain and computer-driven market, lots of traders are making one critical mistake. They don’t know how to manage a trade once they are in it, so they hold and watch a winner become a loser. Learn how to line up a successful trade, set a realistic target, and know when a trade is not going to work out, so you can exit before incurring large losses.

Trading requires a disciplined approach and there are techniques you can learn to use now that can minimize your risk and increase your profits. The secret lies in knowing how consistently profitable traders find trades and manage them well from start to finish. Anyone can learn these trading strategies—all you need is a commitment to discover what works and the confidence to implement them. Whether you trade stocks, options, or futures, we’ve gathered the top experts here to show you specific tactics that can be used immediately to spot opportunities and trade them profitably.

Trading is a dynamic enterprise. If you aren’t improving your systems, strategies, and technology you may be losing ground. Our experts will keep you up to date on all the cutting-edge tools—as well as some that have stood the test of time—to keep you on the fast track to trading success.

Whether you're just starting out or a veteran trader looking for fresh ideas, or you are interested in learning day trading strategies, stock trading strategies, and everything in between, this section is made for you.Every article, video, or event is designed to bring you the latest intelligence available so that you can make better trading decisions, starting with your very next trade. Our experts will help you gain the edge you need to succeed in any market environment.

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