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At, you can keep track of the markets, read articles with actionable investing or trading ideas, and connect with world-renowned money experts via videos, MoneyMastersSM courses, as well as virtual and face-to-face events. You'll find various pages devoted to stocks, options, ETFs, commodities, markets, economy, and much more! You can also sign up for our free e-Letters, so you can get the latest insights, buy/sell recommendations from top investment experts, and trading ideas from professional traders.
If you would like to read articles or view archived short-segment videos, registration is not necessary. However, If you would like to watch recent videos, you must become a member, but it's FREE to join. All you need to do is activate your account to begin accessing a wealth of exciting and informative long-form videos found throughout the site!
No. All messages sent by MoneyShow and its partners, speakers, and exhibitors, are specifically designed for the investment and trading community. No spam or "junk" e-mails will be sent as a result of your registration. Also, when you create your account and select your preferences, you choose the parties who may contact you, and will be able to opt-out of receiving third party e-mail messages if you so choose.

Because it’s easier to personalize your experience if you’re a member. You can +Follow your favorite experts and be notified when they have new content published on the site or if they confirm participation at an upcoming live event.

All members have a dashboard where content from the experts they follow are collected, they get article and video recommendations based on their interests, see what upcoming live events they’ve registered for, or watch the MoneyMastersSM courses or on-demand video virtual passes they purchased—all in one convenient location.

Before beginning your session, always login to using the same e-mail address and password you used to register as a member. The navigation area atop the homepage is your gateway to all the robust content that awaits you on the site. New featured content is updated daily on the homepage, and users can access content specific to any investing or trading areas by selecting one of the choices in the dropdown menu under the Investing & Trading navigation at the top of the homepage. You can also click on various navigation options on top of the homepage to access various pages directly, for example, to find a list of our various live events or MoneyMastersSM courses.
These are select free videos recorded live during our Virtual Expos and feature some of your favorite experts as they address many of today's hottest topics for investors, traders, and financial advisors. To find these videos, click on Virtual Learning on the top navigation on the homepage, and select Video Library from the dropdown menu to see all of the free videos available for on-demand viewing on
To watch on-demand videos recorded at select Virtual Expos, you’ll need to purchase a Virtual Pass. Please go to “Virtual Learning” on the top navigation and select “Virtual Passes” from the dropdown menu. " You can make your selections and purchase your specific virtual pass from this page.
You can purchase an annual virtual pass instead of a single virtual pass from each Expo. Click on the “Premium” button on the top righthand side of the homepage and purchase the “Annual Virtual Pass” from this page. Videos will automatically appear in your MyMoneyShow dashboard after every Virtual Expo, and you’ll get notification whenever new videos have been uploaded to your dashboard.
These courses are two-hour, in-depth, tutorials on specific investing or trading topics, such as dividend investing, options trading, technical analysis, and more, taught by some of the country’s top market experts in their specific fields. To access them, please go to “Courses” top navigation and browse the available choices. Once you’ve made your selection, click on the specific course card to purchase it. You can watch the course you purchased on your own schedule, however many times you want, on-demand for one year.
For those seeking to make the most of their educational experience at MoneyShow, we present the VIP All-Access Annual Membership. Providing an unprecedented level of access and perks to members, this program provides unparalleled access to first-class education from leading experts and VIP perks all year long. To learn more, please click the “Premium” button on the homepage, then click “Learn More” under “VIP All-Access Membership.”
Yes, you can. Scroll down the homepage to find “Conferences” or “Virtual Expos.” Click on the live event(s) you’d like to register for and follow the instructions.
The only required fields for registration are your first name, last name, e-mail, zip code, plus your password, which you create and submit to gain access to the site. You can be sure that you will NOT have to provide any confidential information during the registration process, and there is no payment or credit card information required.
MoneyShow produces several top-quality face-to-face conferences, virtual expos, and investment cruises each year. To discover how you or your company can be a part of these events, please call 800/970-4355 to speak to an account representative, or click “Contact Us” to request more information.
Site users who have already created a account can simply click "Login" and enter their e-mail address and the password. New users should click "Login," then click on “Don’t have a MoneyShow account? Register free today” and follow the instructions.
Please call our Client Relations Department at 800/970-4355. Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Eastern Time. Or, contact us via e-mail at
If you forget your password, click the "Login" link at the top of the homepage, then click "Forgot Your Password?" After you enter your e-mail address, we will send you an email to reset your password immediately.
Click “Login,” select "Edit Profile" from the dropdown menu, then scroll down to "Update Password."
To change your email address, you must send an email to Please include your old email address and the new email address you'd like to change it to in your request. We will send you a confirmation once the change has been made.