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Market crashes cause fear in many, but others see opportunity. Conditions can quickly change, and that’s why it’s so important to garner as much knowledge as possible from experts who have proven themselves over numerous market cycles. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of market forces, insights into the risks and opportunities most investors miss, and learn how to position your portfolio accordingly.

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Fueled by strong economic data and favorable earnings reports, the Dow and S&P 500 made new record highs for the week, states Bonnie Gortler of
Ever since the market crash in February and March of 2020, so many investors, authors and analysts have been on high alert for the next shoe to drop, states Avi Gilburt of
This market is still akin to a runaway freight train. The momentum is strong and positive, and there are no confirmed sell signals at this time, states Larry McMillan of Option Strategist.
Sponsored Content - Everyone wants to know when this current bull market will end…well “most” everyone, says Mike Turner, president, Turner Capital Investments.
As noted on Wednesday, large-cap stocks in the US are diverging from small caps but the entire US equity market has also become detached from other markets, especially in Asia, explains Ian Murphy of
Last week I shared that the bears were running out of scenarios where they could get a decent meal. They have been let out of the cage to feed, but time and time again rudely cut short just when it looked like the bottom could fall out, explains Jeff Greenblatt of Lucas Wave International.
Jason Bodner and Lucas Downey of of breaks down the $2 trillion infrastructure plan and why that will be bullish for stocks.
The S&P 500 (SPX) is flexing its muscle with a breakout above 4,000. However, the rest of the market is not joining in on the fun, says Steve Reitmeister, editor of Reitmeister Total Return.
This awesome quote from Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises points out how trends can go, recalls Lucas Downey of
The market’s multi-month rally has been relentless, supported by a trio of powerful bullish pillars, asserts Mike Larson, editor of Safe Money Report.

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Kootenay Silver is a leading exploration company engaged in the development of several major silver projects in Mexico, highly leveraged to take advantage of the rising silver price environment. The company has one of the largest junior owned silver assets in Mexico named La Cigarra and Promontorio/La Negra with new resource modeling currently underway for both La Cigarra and La Negra. Drilling is being conducted at Kootenay Silver's two promising high-grade discoveries, the Columba and Copalito projects, to follow up on very prospective high-grade silver and gold results that have previously been intercepted. The company is well financed and managed by a highly successful team that has attracted investments from such groups as Pan American Silver, Coeur Mining, Agnico Eagle, and Eric Sprott.
Feeling overwhelmed by the market? Not sure where to find deals and how to invest your money? Shannon Robnett is going to share with you the solution he is creating to allow investors the opportunity to quickly create passive income regularly without the headache or stress. Tune in to this webinar and see how his solution can work for you!

Cicle is accelerating the transformation to renewable energy in America. Its focus: clean power capture, storage, and distribution for electric mobility and broken power grids in cities nationwide. As government, consumers, and the auto industry align to combat climate change, Cicle is launching one thousand clean energy fast-ChargeParksTM for the burgeoning electric vehicle market—all powered by solar and wind.

EVs and Cicle ChargeParks will lead the way. Shattered municipal grids require new means of energy, too. Cicle will be that source for clean, cost efficient electricity.

Global maritime shipping sectors are performing exceptionally well in 2021 as investor attention returns to global recovery trends. J Mintzmyer, a renowned global maritime shipping expert, will walk investors through the key segments of the industry and share insights about which areas and companies are best positioned both for recovery trades and for potential long-term investments. Join for the latest global trade commentary as well as an educational seminar on a fascinating, but often overlooked, key segment of the global economy.
Global governments stepped in with historic stimulus and central bank accommodation to lessen the economic blow of the Covid-19 pandemic. There is no end in sight for the era of easy money, while domestic divisions in the United States threaten to boil over. In this session, Anthony Scaramucci, founder of global investments firm SkyBridge Capital, discusses his view on the future of American politics and how it could inform investors asset allocation mix for the next decade.
Join First National Realty Partners' managing principal and co-founder, Anthony Grosso, to discover how you can invest in daily-needs, grocery-anchored retail shopping centers. He will review FNRP's unique tenant-centric, value-added investment philosophy and show you how you can get involved in its most recent Home Depot anchored offering in one of the hottest markets in the country.
Join First National Realty Partners' managing principal and co-founder, Chris Palermo, to discover how you can invest in daily-needs, grocery-anchored retail shopping centers. He will review FNRP's unique tenant-centric, value-added investment philosophy and show you how you can get involved in its most recent Home Depot anchored offering in one of the hottest markets in the country.
Ben R. Weber, Jr., general partner of Texas Republic Minerals will present how individuals may purchase real property with quarterly cash flow in the form of Fee Mineral Interests. These Interests allow investors to participate in the upside of oil and gas profitability while downsizing the risks associated with oil and gas exploration and production. Interests have a one-time purchase price with no cash calls and guaranteed quarterly distributions.
Breakthrough discoveries in agriculture are making it possible to feed the planet with fresh and nutritious food that is entirely free of toxic chemicals and can be produced abundantly anywhere, regardless of the season. Join Marc LoPresti, along with representatives from Good Earth Organics and Terra Firma Foods, in a discussion about these discoveries and investment opportunities, and how they have the potential to positively disrupt the world's food supply chain.


Cruises’s renowned market experts help you go beyond the latest market news to unravel the effects of geopolitical events on the global economy, analyze the current market environment to identify hot spots for potential investments, and discern the long-term market and economic trends and opportunities around the world.

There are no sure-shot techniques for market forecasting and analysis. If one were developed, it wouldn’t work for long, since as everyone applied it, its foundation would change significantly. There’s an excess of data in the world today, so the trick is to spot the one or two key variables in a specific time. They could be Fed policy, consumer behavior, foreign trade wars, etc. Any these factors could change, sometimes several times, throughout the year. That’s why it’s important to keep up with market news and the ever-changing conditions. For a framework to add value, it must entail market-moving events that have a good chance of occurring, but are not yet within the consensus.

Research has consistently shown that Investors are more surprised by bear than bull markets, and economic and financial market downturns unfold faster than upswings. Successful investing entails studying varying perspectives, then folding in history, experiences, hunches—and great timing. The goal is to identify the significant but undiscounted aspects of the outlook. This is where the true opportunities for investors lie and where our experts excel.

We feature more than just stock market news. Our expert contributors are renowned investing and trading veterans who have survived—and thrived—in all kinds of market conditions and they share in-depth intelligence about the markets and the catalysts driving them to help you chart your path to growth and prosperity in any market environment.

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