Carl Delfeld

Chief Analyst,

Cabot Global Stocks Explorer

  • Chief Analyst for Cabot Wealth's Cabot Global Stocks Explorer
  • 30 Years Industry Experience
  • Author of Red, White & Bold: The New American Century

About Carl

Carl Delfeld is chief analyst of Cabot Global Stocks Explorer published by Cabot Wealth. He is also the managing editor of Far East Wealth and chairman of the William H. Seward Center for Economic Diplomacy. Over the past three decades, he has held senior positions in business, finance and government, was a Forbes Asia columnist and author of Red, White & Bold: The New American Century.

Carl's Articles

Farmers all over the world have a daunting task ahead of them. Over the next 50 years they must produce more food than they have in the past 10,000 years, cautions Carl Delfeld, global growth stock expert and editor of Cabot Explorer.
CVS Health Corporation (CVS) is one of the nation’s leading healthcare companies, with almost 10,000 stores, notes Carl Delfeld, editor of Cabot Explorer.
When so much divides the world, there is one thing that unites us all — the need for food, explains Carl Delfeld, global growth stock specialist and editor of Cabot Explorer.
EVs have passed the inflection point is hard to refute given that global sales doubled last year to over 6 million cars. But what about premium electric motorbike markets? asks Carl Delfeld, editor of Cabot Explorer.

Carl's Videos

Carl Delfeld discusses how traders can exploit the US-China trade war and digs into opportunities in the broader Asian sector.
Carl Delfeld breaks down the current climate for U.S.-China trade relations. He explains why it is a mistake to expect one overarching deal to be reached in the near-term.
As the economic rivalry between America and China becomes more intense, what strategies should investors use to reduce risk and maximize gains? What countries and companies should we invest in and which should we avoid? Just how did these two countries become inevitable competitors and how will this great game play out?

Carl's Books

Carl Delfeld

Red, White and Bold: The New American Century

This book is a blueprint for America to remain the strongest and the most prosperous, independent, respected, and influential nation in the world. We just need to follow it to build both a new American century.

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