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  • Chief Analyst for Cabot Wealth's Cabot Global Stocks Explorer
  • 30 Years Industry Experience
  • Author of Red, White & Bold: The New American Century

About Carl

Carl Delfeld is chief analyst of Cabot Explorer published by Cabot Wealth Network. He is also the managing editor of Far East Wealth and chairman of the William H. Seward Center for Economic Diplomacy. Over the past three decades, he has held senior positions in business, finance and government, was a Forbes Asia columnist and author of Red, White & Bold: The New American Century.

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Steel had been around for 3,000 years. But it was very labor- and energy-intensive and therefore too expensive to use for anything more than swords and shields. Then, in 1854, Henry Bessemer discovered that blowing air into molten iron rapidly converted it into steel. This led to a seven-fold increase in productivity, dramatically lowering the cost of steel. This leads us to today’s recommendation – IperionX Ltd. (IPX), advises Carl Delfeld, editor of Cabot Explorer.
I’m going to talk about Southeast Asia and revisit a previous 10X pick that has come back to earth, giving us an excellent price entry point to capture growth in the region. The company: Sea Limited (SE), highlights Carl Delfeld, editor of Cabot Explorer.
Founded in 2012 and based in Oxford, England, Exscientia Plc (EXAI) is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop new medicines and is attracting high-quality partners. It has a rapidly growing pipeline of more than 25 projects in motion with the goal of drug discovery in areas such as ovarian and hematological (blood) cancer, notes Carl Delfeld, editor of Cabot Explorer.
The main reason for the stock rally earlier in November was the sharp decline of long-term interest rates. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note plunged from almost 5% to 4.5%, a big move from bond markets. Meanwhile, I continue to like two large cap names with leverage to a handful of powerful trends, writes Carl Delfeld, editor of Cabot Explorer.

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Do you struggle or go back and forth investing in stocks and ETFs? With thousands of options in both, learn a powerful and simple way to combine them through a core and explore approach. Carl Delfeld, known as the ETF Architect, is both an ETF pioneer and has picked stocks for the legendary hedge fund manager Julian Robertson of Tiger Global Management. He is also a former Forbes columnist and ETF expert and author of two books on ETF investing.

Delfeld will lay out the stakes for American economic, financial, and national security as well as investors as the US-China rivalry intensifies in this decisive decade. What are the battlegrounds? What are China's and America's strengths and vulnerabilities? How will the rivalry impact you, your family, and your portfolio?

Carl Delfeld discusses how traders can exploit the US-China trade war and digs into opportunities in the broader Asian sector.
Carl Delfeld breaks down the current climate for U.S.-China trade relations. He explains why it is a mistake to expect one overarching deal to be reached in the near-term.

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Carl Delfeld

Red, White and Bold: The New American Century

This book is a blueprint for America to remain the strongest and the most prosperous, independent, respected, and influential nation in the world. We just need to follow it to build both a new American century.

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