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Transparency, diversification, and low-cost access to practically any market, sector, or asset class make exchange traded funds highly attractive to investors and traders alike. But, to outperform benchmark index funds, you really need expert guidance and a sound strategy that gets results. Our experts will cover all the bases and provide the tools and knowledge you need to tap into outperforming investments, year in and year out.

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Vanguard International Growth Fund Investor Shares (VWIGX) is a diversified, multi-manager mutual fund, explains Brian Kelly, mutual fund specialist and editor of MoneyLetter.
Medicine has come a long way in the last few decades, and that pace shows little sign of slowing, explains Jim Woods, an exchange-trade fund specialist and the editor of The Deep Woods.
The market looks like it's about to fall apart. Which means we contrarians will step in, and smartly bank more dividend for our dollar, cautions Brett Owens, chief investment strategist at Contrarian Outlook.
Unlike Bezos and Branson, the stock market failed to launch, explains Mike Larson, editor of Safe Money Report.
Inflation is now sweeping the market, cautions Jim Woods, an exchange-trade fund specialist and the editor of The Deep Woods.
The Fed has largely let inflation run higher for the time being. If you aren't earning 3-4% a year, you're guaranteed to lose purchasing power by the time you call in your capital. Why do that? asks Todd Shaver, editor of Bull Market Report.
In today’s video, Financial Freedom Federation’s technical analysis expert Kate Stalter discusses the composition of the S&P 500 index and “home-country bias,” the tendency of investors in developed nations to overemphasize their own domestic equities in their portfolios.
The Horizon Kinetics Inflation Beneficiaries ETF (INFL) is an actively managed fund seeking long-term capital growth in inflation-adjusted terms from companies expected to benefit directly or indirectly from inflation, observes Jim Woods, ETF specialist and editor of The Deep Woods.
For investors looking for a fund to help position an income portfolio for rising rates, the one-of-a-kind Invesco Variable Rate Preferred ETF (VRP) may be of interest, suggests Jim Woods, exchange-traded fund expert and editor of The Deep Woods.
Marty Fridson is a leading authority on income investing; the editor of Forbes/Fridson Income Securities Investor specializes in finding opportunities in fixed-income securities, including preferreds, convertibles and — in this case — a pair of closed-end funds.

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Join Ben Johnson, director of global ETF research at Morningstar, to learn about the benefits of ETFs, how to put them to good use in your portfolio, and discover some of Morningstar's top-rated ETFs.
Mid-year is a perfect time to take step back, review your performance, and identify opportunities to improve your decision-making process. Mindful investors know that by taking time to celebrate wins, learn from losses, and upgrade routines they are making a solid investment in their future performance. Dave Keller, Chief Market Strategist,, will present the ten questions that every ETF investor should ask themselves this week, share some of his own lessons learned in the first half of 2021, and help you develop a game plan for the rest of the year!

ETFs earn their substantial cash inflows by providing investors with easy access to diversity without a major research burden. The only caveat to ETF investing is that you're still dealing with the person in the mirror. Detailed knowledge and robust investment rules alone are not enough. Discipline, perseverance, and attention to simple activities are also critical to investment success. Join Jackie Ann Patterson for a debrief of her ETF investing in 2020-2021 where she will share highlights and lowlights in order to gain the kind of wisdom that comes from experience.
The reason we have $0 commissions today is that ETFs have bid/ask spreads that can be shocking wide during fast market conditions. Louis Navellier will teach you how to not get "fleeced" by ETF spreads and how to find the best ETFs. Mr. Navellier's management company has been managing ETFs for over a decade and not only will this session empower you with FREE ETFs tools, he will let you know his favorite sector ETFs.
The ETF Think Tank's insights provide perspective-and context-for investors that want to understand what's in their portfolio, and why. Join Michael Venuto, founder and CIO of the ETF Think Tank, and portfolio managers Dan Weiskopf and David Armstrong as they discuss what has been most relevant at this Virtual Expo, why structure matters when you invest, and how advisors are adapting to the changing investor markets.

ESG investing is inherently future-looking, and there is perhaps no place more meticulously focused on planning for the future than China. Capping carbon emissions, expanding green energy output, and developing high-tech sectors are fundamental to China's long-term plans. As a result, in China, ESG has a performance-boosting effect that does not occur in other markets.

In this presentation, Brendan Ahern of KraneShares will cover:

  • Reasons why ESG has a performance boosting-effect in China that does not occur elsewhere.
  • Long term catalysts for clean technologies, including solar, wind, and carbon emissions reduction programs.
  • How China's expanding population of highly educated workers and its integration into global capital markets are powering social and governance upgrades within its top companies.

How do you leverage your boldest reopening ideas? Trillions in Stimulus: What sectors and asset classes may benefit? Join David Mazza of Direxion Funds to learn the answers to these questions, and more!
You read that correctly. Turner Capital Investments uses four ETFs in bull markets, four ETFs in bear markets, and invest their client monies to be profitable in both bull and bear markets. The key is knowing where the market is and investing to take advantage of the current trends. Mike Turner will show you how the company measures the markets, so they'll always be on the right side in every market condition.
Stock Trader's Almanac's editor-in-chief, Jeffrey Hirsch leads the discussion on the latest innovations and time-tested strategies in the ETF arena. Get the lowdown on where to focus your attention in sector specific, thematic, leveraged, long and short, and actively traded ETFs. This savvy panel of industry veterans will share their insights, debate current exchange-traded market trends, and take your questions.
In 2020, investors put a record amount of money into ETFs and thus far in 2021 the industry is likely to gather even more money. Come hear from these industry experts on what investment styles have been most popular, what new products could come to market in the second half of 2021, and how to find candidates for your portfolio.



In the past decade or so, exchange traded funds have been transformed from obscure institutional trading vehicles to extraordinarily popular investment tools. They now dominate the investing landscape with over 2,000 products available and have empowered investors and traders as never before, enabling them to build highly effective portfolios. Yet there's more to the ETF universe than investors and traders may even know.’s roster of top ETF and ETF-trading experts can show you how to use ETFs to achieve peak results. From factor ETFs to leveraged ETFs to smart-beta ETFs to buffered ETFs, learn how you can use ETFs to effectively transform your own portfolio.

ETFs can provide a cost-effective way to get into areas of the market that are poised to deliver results. Simple portfolio rotation can meet the goals of solid performance with few trades, little time and effort spent analyzing ETFs, and confidence from side-stepping huge drawdowns. Learn proven ETF-trading strategies from some of the top professional traders in the country who consistently achieve stellar results. More than just the very best in ETF picks, you’ll take away real, practical knowledge about how to recognize the best growth, income, and value opportunities, choose the right sectors and asset classes, and know when (and precisely how) to rotate ETF holdings for optimum results through every economic and market cycle.

Whether you are a seasoned ETF investor or just starting to get your feet wet, you can get actionable advice from some of the top names in the industry here.

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