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Dr. Adrian Manz is a successful professional equities trader who earned his living trading his own account for two decades. He provides education to serious traders who are looking to add new interpretations of the markets to their repertoire. Dr. Manz has developed a trading style that relies on statistical, technical, and fundamental analysis in the planning of every trade and found methods to extract the most out of every setup, every day. He is the author of two books on the subject, many articles featured in leading industry publications including Stocks and Commodities, Stocks Futures Options, Active Trader, Trader's, and Money Maker as well as the publisher of the Daily Income Trading Plan, a nightly blueprint for the actions he plans to take in the markets on the following day.

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Consistent, successful trading careers are built on disciplined adherence to a well-developed and suitable trade plan, and these five psychological and strategic barriers are largely all that stand in the way, states Adrian Manz of
Consistent, successful trading careers are built on disciplined adherence to a well-developed and suitable trade plan, and these five psychological and strategic barriers are largely all that stand in the way, states Adrian Manz of

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In today's fast-paced and data-driven financial landscape, staying ahead of the game is essential for traders and investors. This seminar will teach attendees to do just that. In an era where AI algorithms are becoming powerful decision-making tools, this seminar takes a novel approach by empowering traders and investors to think ahead of the algorithms.  Adrian will delve into strategies and insights that not only leverage the capabilities of AI but also equip participants with the critical thinking and foresight needed to anticipate these digital counterparts.  Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics, advanced risk management techniques, and a competitive edge that allows them to navigate the financial markets with confidence and intelligence, ensuring their investing and trading tactics are resilient and future ready.

Adrian Manz has spent much of 2022 working with family office clients who seek to control and profit from the headline-driven volatility that has rocked the markets. Adrian has successfully guided his small to medium-sized institutional clientele through a paradigm shift. He has taught them to seek opportunities for profit in the markets instead of attempting the usual bottom-picking strategies that have landed many small players in big trouble. Join Adrian to discuss using indices and futures like the QQQ and the Nasdaq Mini to book daily profits from just a few properly sized trades. You can put the strategies Adrian will teach to work in your trading in just a few days.
War, inflation, monetary policy, seven-dollar gasoline, and an out-of-control housing market have made 2022 one of the most treacherous investment environments most people have ever seen. But, against this backdrop, Adrian and Julie Manz and hundreds of the traders they've trained managed to profit from the volatility. Join Julie and Adrian in an information-packed seminar and learn to use the morning chaos to predict big intraday moves with high reliability and confidence. This session will teach you the strategy and psychology that can turn opening bell jitters into eager anticipation of a successful day.

When it comes to trading, Julie and Adrian Manz have an enviable edge. They both hold doctorates in psychology, intuitively anticipating crowd behavior, and are well versed in using statistics to find fuel for big market moves. This power couple has been trading the markets exhaustively since 1997, teaching thousands of like-minded people to become market operators by following their cycle-driven trading style, highlighting psychological performance and health.

In this interactive 30-minute session, the Manz's will share insights from their decades of personal experience in the markets. They will give you a look into the time-tested strategies they use as intraday traders. They will also share lessons learned from psychological challenges that are inevitable but surmountable. Mentoring and coaching TraderInsight's Income Trading Mastermind Members, Julie and Adrian Manz actively work with students and continue building expertise on the mental elements involved in successfully trading for daily income. In this session, they will share their latest insights with you.

This unique seminar will allow attendees to learn actionable trading strategies and understand the psychology necessary to profit from them. Everyone planning to attend is encouraged to complete a brief, free trader psychology assessment at before watching the presentation. This short assessment will make the seminar more meaningful and help traders understand their successes and challenges in the market.

Adrian's Books

Adrian Manz

Trade Secrets: Powerful Strategies for Volatile Markets

Trade Secrets is a uniquely in-depth and advanced trading guide, teaching a complete and winning trading method from start to finish. Packed with exclusive content, it reveals one of master trader Adrian Manz's best trading strategies. The patterns in this book spell opportunity: when applied correctly, the system can be the cornerstone of a profitable trad
Adrian Manz

Beat the Street: A Trader's Guide to Consistently Scoring in the Markets

Beat the Street is one of the most popular trading books available today. This edition is completely updated, packed with timely examples and all the latest insights of author and master trader, Adrian Manz. It is indispensable for any serious intraday or swing trader.

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