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Elevate Your Trading Game: Learn the Strategies and Psychology That Have Fueled a Two-Decade Career in the Markets

Released on Wednesday, March 17, 2021TRADING

When it comes to trading, Julie and Adrian Manz have an enviable edge. They both hold doctorates in psychology, intuitively anticipating crowd behavior, and are well versed in using statistics to find fuel for big market moves. This power couple has been trading the markets exhaustively since 1997, teaching thousands of like-minded people to become market operators by following their cycle-driven trading style, highlighting psychological performance and health.

In this interactive 30-minute session, the Manz's will share insights from their decades of personal experience in the markets. They will give you a look into the time-tested strategies they use as intraday traders. They will also share lessons learned from psychological challenges that are inevitable but surmountable. Mentoring and coaching TraderInsight's Income Trading Mastermind Members, Julie and Adrian Manz actively work with students and continue building expertise on the mental elements involved in successfully trading for daily income. In this session, they will share their latest insights with you.

This unique seminar will allow attendees to learn actionable trading strategies and understand the psychology necessary to profit from them. Everyone planning to attend is encouraged to complete a brief, free trader psychology assessment at before watching the presentation. This short assessment will make the seminar more meaningful and help traders understand their successes and challenges in the market.

Adrian Manz, Co-Founder and Daily Contributor
Julie Manz, Co-Founder and Contributor

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