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Forex is the most liquid market in the world and offers some of the greatest trends and opportunities to profit. Cryptocurrencies have been grabbing headlines in recent years, and some believe they will supplant currencies in the not-too-distant future. Understand the correlation between traditional forex and cryptocurrencies and get the expertise you need to navigate these fast-moving markets confidently and profitably.

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The month of March kicked off with a strong rally in equities that saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average erase all of Friday’s losses, says Kathy Lien of 
There are so many false theories and narratives about the dollar and other assets, that I wanted to take a moment to pen an article with facts, rather than the false assumptions that are continually propagated and regurgitated throughout the market, states Avi Gilburt of
The euro US dollar exchange rate is extending gains for a second consecutive session. The pair settled +0.1% higher on Wednesday at US$1.2165 after recovering from a low of US$1.2110. At 08:15 UTC, EUR/USD trades +0.25% at US$1.2196, explains Fiona Cincotta of Currency Live.
Investors sold US dollars after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made it very clear on Tuesday that there will be no interest rate hikes or tapering in the foreseeable future, says Kathy Lien of
Indices broaden their losses as bond yields ask harder questions, with NASDAQ tech sectors feeling the pinch from rising borrowing costs (especially those that finance buybacks), mainly as the index is devoid of financials, says Adam Button of
The post retail sales rally in the US dollar did not last as the greenback resumed its slide against all major currencies on Thursday, says Kathy Lien of
We couldn't read an article or watch financial TV for any stretch on Tuesday without hearing the worlds “inflation” and “reflation” but the Fed continues to preach that they will look beyond short-term price rises, says Adam Button of
The euro US dollar (EUR/USD) exchange rate is advancing at the start of this week. The pair settled slightly lower to end last week at US$1.2118, although booked gains of over 0.6% across the week, explains Fiona Cincotta of Currency Live.
The US dollar traded higher against most of the major currencies yesterday, seemingly unfazed by weaker inflation data and dovish comments from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, says Kathy Lien of
It's time for G10-FX traders to start monitoring the US-China 10-year spread as an increasingly indicative factor in USD dynamics.   

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During this session, Ryan Wilday is going to dive into Bitcoin's current price action and talk about his expectations for the rest of 2021 and early 2022.
Blockchain is a technology that utilizes a distributed ledger to allow sharing of information while protecting specific data. Bitcoin is a decentralized use case for this technology. The price of bitcoin and excitement around its growth has engaged many investors in the potential uses of the underlying technology.
While the Bitcoin Bulls have continued their run into 2021, associated volatility has many investors wary of getting trampled. Other crypto assets (like Ethereum) have also experienced their own dizzying rallies but choosing winners among the many cryptos on offer is challenging at best. CNBC's Jon Najarian and IDI Group's Marc LoPresti will help guide the MoneyShow audience through the crypto maze with insider tips and tactics for successful investing in this white-hot asset class.
Ryan Wilday, host of the Cryptocurrency Trading service at ElliottWaveTrader, will make the case as to why every portfolio should have some Bitcoin exposure and how accredited investors can get safe exposure. He will also review why Bitcoin has a bright future as an asset, and how he applies Elliott Wave analysis to forecast price.
Join Frank Holmes as he takes you through his journey through the blockchain, and what led him to become involved in the cryptocurrency space. HIVE is a unique story of not only blockchain technology and its applications, but how the once undervalued company has seen great success.
Ryan Wilday, host of the Cryptocurrency Trading service at ElliottWaveTrader, will make the case as to why every portfolio should have some Bitcoin exposure and how accredited investors can get safe exposure. He will also review why Bitcoin has a bright future as an asset, and how he applies Elliott Wave analysis to forecast price.
We've all seen the massive gains in Bitcoin last year, but is owning the cryptocurrency the best way to ride this profit wave? Or, is a better way to take advantage of this trend with a company that's an integral part of every cryptocurrency transaction? Stock and ETF expert Jim Woods will give you a "Crypto 101," and tell you about the best crypto stock you've likely never heard of.

No time in history, has the digital form of a product remained lower in price than its analog counterpart. Bitcoin is no exception. It should ultimately be valued at 10x or more the value of gold. The way the world economy is behaving, these types of digital currency are destined to take the place of previous fiat currencies. Let Oliver Velez, master trader, educator, and best-selling author, show you how those who decide to keep using traditional forms of currency, are destined to observe how those of us who decide to bet on the future prosper. Don't miss this one!
In this presentation, DailyFX senior strategist, Chris Vecchio highlights the ins and outs of event-based trading including basic concepts, finding the right currency pair and event, and managing risk.
In this presentation, DailyFX technical strategist Mike Boutros, tackles key concepts in support and resistance including Fibonacci, Slope, and Horizontal and Lateral Levels to help traders think about new strategies and market approaches.


Foreign exchange or forex is the most liquid sector to trade, and while it offers some of the greatest trends and opportunities to profit, understanding their technical tendencies and the geopolitical drivers that moves these markets is essential to trading success. In this section of, our team of professional crypto and forex traders will provide you with the tools to navigate these international markets and share their time-tested crypto and forex trading strategies. Discover what creates trends in the currency market and how to handicap these trends like a pro. More importantly, you can also learn how to time those trends for minimum risk and maximum reward using some simple, but effective technical-analysis techniques.

Bitcoin and its crypto cousins such as Etherium, Coinbase, and others have been in the news non-stop in recent years. Speculators and newbies have also been flocking to cryptocurrencies in droves, lured by their wild intraday price swings and eye-popping gains. Two of the world’s largest derivatives exchanges—the CME and the CBOE—have even launched new bitcoin futures, and trading volume in this new product has been steadily rising.

To understand the crypto landscape—the philosophy of crypto and what’s driving the revolution—you need to also understand the economics of cryptocurrencies, the tax implications, and the risks and rewards of trading cryptocurrencies, before you even begin your path to crypto trading.

Whether you’re a newcomer to crypto trading or a veteran trader, you should keep in mind that cryptocurrency trading couldn’t be more different from stock trading. There are various crypto trading strategies that spell out when to buy and sell and how to keep your crypto portfolio safe. It is also critical that you find out how Bitcoin and other cryptos move in relation to forex and how they fit into the risk-on/risk off trade.