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In an era of high-risk, high-stakes exuberance, Mike Larson stands out as a leader in conservative investment strategies that outperform the market over the long haul. Mr. Larson's Weekend Windfalls service shows investors how to make an average of $1,000 in extra cash nearly every Friday, also based on a safety-first income approach. His Safe Money Report has a proven history of guiding investors to stocks that provide consistent dividends, excellent growth, plus asset protection in down markets. Mr. Larson is the proud standard bearer of the Weiss 50-year tradition of safe investing.

Mike's Articles

A funny thing happened on the road to soaring internet rates...lower interest rates, explains Mike Larson, editor of Safe Money Report.
Unlike Bezos and Branson, the stock market failed to launch, explains Mike Larson, editor of Safe Money Report.
I continue to like economically sensitive stocks as well as higher-rated, higher-yielding investments in a world where the Fed isn’t truly pivoting for a long time, suggests Mike Larson, growth & income expert and editor of Safe Money Report.
The “Money Flood” is a massive wave of cheap liquidity and abundant stimulus the likes of which our markets have NEVER before seen, explains Mike Larson, editor of Safe Money Report.

Mike's Videos

Washington has thrown open the floodgates, showering trillions of dollars on the markets and the economy. It's also racking up enormous debts and deficits in the process. In this panel, Weiss Ratings' own Dr. Martin Weiss, along with editors Mike Larson and Sean Brodrick, will tell you how you can escape the financial fallout of this monetary madness—and profit handsomely in the process.
Fireworks will fly! In this lively debate, Mike Larson, editor of Weiss' Safe Money Report will use his years of stock-picking experience against Mike Turner, president of Turner Capital Investments, and his 2.8 million lines of computer code to discuss the best method to grow and protect investment capital in both bull and bear markets. It's man vs. machine, long-term vs. short term. Attend this debate and see who you think wins.

Mike Larson is in no way a gold bug, but see's a great deal of value in the precious metal.

Mike Larson points out that the market sectors once considered boring is offering the strongest and most stable returns.

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