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About Mike

Mike Larson serves as vice president and editor-in-chief at MoneyShow in Sarasota, FL, overseeing all aspects of the investor education and conferences, and planning the firm's content operations. Prior to joining MoneyShow, he was senior editor and analyst at Weiss Ratings. Mr. Larson produced the company's Safe Money Report, Weekend Windfalls, and Heat Maps newsletters, while also writing, editing, and trading several other past products. His areas of expertise as an analyst include domestic and global interest rates, commercial and residential real estate, and central bank policy. Mr. Larson holds BA and BS degrees from Boston University.

Mike's Articles

Equities are back in the proverbial soup due to banking stability concerns, with futures sharply lower in the early going. Gold and silver continue to hang in just fine, though, while Treasuries are rallying sharply. Oil is down and the dollar is higher.
That was quite the “Fed Faceplant” yesterday, wasn’t it? Equities plunged in the late afternoon, though they’re trying to bounce back a bit in the early going.
Markets are mostly quiet as traders await today’s Fed news. Equities are flat, while gold and silver are up slightly. Oil, Treasuries, and the dollar are down a bit.
The roller-coaster ride continues, with equities mostly reversing yesterday’s plunge.

Mike's Videos

Passive income is the Holy Grail for many investors, a source of substantial and sustainable wealth. But which sources make the most sense in this complex economic and market environment? These companies will explain the promising opportunities they offer in the music and energy markets.

This is IT. Your 2023 Global Strategy Summit. Coming at the conclusion of our inaugural Accredited Investors Symposium, this session is not to be missed. You'll get the final word on what to do with investments in the stock, bond, currency, real estate, and commodity markets-and what unique opportunities in the accredited investor space will prosper best before you and your fellow conference attendees and speakers part ways.

After a difficult 2022 for the markets, many stocks are finding their footing. With valuations more reasonable and the prospects for a better 2023 rising, where should you turn as an investor for the best bargains and the greatest profit potential? Find out in this compelling panel featuring some of the best stock pickers on and off Wall Street.

Rising inflation, rising interest rates, and rising market instability made for a confounding environment last year. So, where can investors turn for relief in 2023? What sectors are likely to prosper as the Federal Reserve's policy approach shifts? Which sectors will fall further behind? And if your goal is income, what equity and fixed income investments make the most sense?

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