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Robert A. Green CPA manages a tax and accounting firm catering to traders. He is a leading authority on trader tax status, a Forbes contributor, and author of Green's Annual Trader Tax Guide. Mr. Green frequently appears in WSJ, Barron's, and other financial media. He presents tax webinars for interactive brokers and other leading brokers.

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Learn the benefits of setting up a retirement plan for yourself as a full-time trader from trader tax expert Robert Green.
Trading through a company you own has many tax and IRS benefits. Here Robert Green discusses which entity is best to set up as a trader.
Tax expert Robert Green discusses several tips traders should consider before year's end.
Tax planning is very tricky this year with the fiscal cliff. Most people hope Congress and President Obama will act soon-after the November election and before year-end-to bring clarity to the fiscal cliff, especially making a decision about the crucial Bush-era tax cuts. In this interview with trader and investor tax expert Robert Green, CPA, we discuss the several things traders can do to minimize their taxes this year and what you need to know about how taxes will change come January 1, 2013. We also discuss trading within a business entity (LLC or S, or C-Corp) and the basics of choosing which entity to form.

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There are different metals and mining instruments to trade, and tax treatment varies. They include equities, equity options, and ETFs in mining companies taxed as securities. Precious metals, bullion and coins, and physically backed precious metal ETFs, grantor trusts treated as collectibles. Regulated futures contracts for precious and industrial metals are Section 1256 contracts.

Join Robert A. Green, CPA, of, for this session. For background information, see Mr. Green's blog post, Tax Treatment for Precious Metals.

Securities, commodities, and precious metals ETFs use different structures and tax treatment varies. Volatility ETNs are structured as prepaid forward contracts or as debt instruments with critical tax differences. Join Robert A. Green, CPA of, for this session.

Join Robert A. Green, certified public accountant of, as he explains year-end tax planning for traders.
Congress postponed the tax deadline to July 15, 2020 for filing 2019 individual tax returns, extensions, and elections. The CARES Act provides tax relief and economic aid; however, traders don't fit well into usual categories. Join Robert A. Green, CPA, of, to learn how traders can maximize benefits.

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Robert Green, CPA

Green's 2021 Trader Tax Guide

Use Green's Trader Tax Guide to receive every trader tax break you're entitled to on your 2020 tax returns. 2021 guide covers the 2017 Tax Cuts and jobs Act and the 2020 CARES Act's impact on investors, traders, and investment managers. Learn various smark moves to make in 2021.