How to Achieve Tax Savings as a Trader*

Robert Green, CPA,, CEO

Join noted trader tax expert Robert Green, CPA, CEO,, for this in-depth session where he will delve into practical ways to execute strategies for real tax savings. Business traders will save thousands with this class as they learn the tax advantages of "trader tax status" (TTS).

Course Content

3 Chapters • 1:50:49 Duration
  • Learn the golden rules for eligibility for TTS
  • TTS traders deduct business, startup, organization, and home office expenses, whereas investors cannot
  • TTS is a pre-requisite for using Section 475 MTM accounting, which exempts securities trades from wash sale loss adjustments, navigates around the $3,000 capital loss limitation, and unlocks a 20% qualified business income (QBI) deduction
  • If you did not elect Section 475 on time, learn to avoid wash sale loss adjustments at year-end
  • Learn how TTS traders use an S-Corp to deduct health insurance premiums and high-deductible retirement plan contributions
  • Learn how to use a TTS partnership or S-Corp for a SALT cap workaround and segregate trading vs. investments

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Robert Green, CPA, CEO

Robert A. Green CPA managed a tax and accounting firm catering to traders. He is a leading authority on trader tax status, a Forbes contributor, and author of Green's Annual Trader Tax Guide. Mr. Green frequently appears in WSJ, Barron's, and other financial media. He presents tax webinars for Interactive Brokers and other leading brokers.

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