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Matthew Carr is the founder of First Bar with Matthew Carr, where he writes about all things money. He is also currently the trend investing strategist at Money Map Press. For more than 13 years he served as chief trends strategist for The Oxford Club, earning ten awards for portfolio performance and trades of the year—more than any other strategist in the company's history. His strategic approach focuses on high-growth, pre-momentum companies trading at steep discounts.

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We’re going to dig into one of my favorite months of the year – April. The month is home to April Fool’s Day, Tax Day, Earth Day, and my personal favorite holiday, Greek Easter. But none of those are why I’m bullish this month. The reason I’m bullish has to do with one of the strongest long-term trends in the markets, comments Matthew Carr, editor of The First Bar with Matthew Carr.
A 19th century fable, astrobiology, monetary policy, and 1980s buzzwords have one thing in common. Even better, understanding how these intertwine could help you outperform the S&P 500 by more than three-fold, writes Matthew Carr, editor of The First Bar with Matthew Carr.

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2022 was a year to forget for many investors. The bear market ravaged portfolios. Inflation is still wreaking havoc, that's why smart investors must make these three moves in 2023 and position themselves for major profits in 2024.