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About Adrian

Adrian Day, London School of Economics graduate, heads Adrian Day Asset Management, specializing in global diversification and resource equities. Mr. Day is sub-adviser to the EuroPacific Gold Fund. His latest book is Investing in Resources: How to Profit from the Outsized Potential and Avoid the Risks.

Adrian's Articles

Pan American Silver (PAAS), a $6 billion market-cap company, is the fourth largest silver producer in the world, with meaningful production of both gold and zinc as well, observes Adrian Day, editor of Global Analyst.
Altius Minerals (Toronto: ALS) reported revenue up 9% in the first quarter from a year ago, despite a drop in sales. Net earnings jumped 75% from last year, excluding special items, reports Adrian Day, resources sector expert and editor of Global Analyst — and a participant in The MoneyShow Orlando Conference on June 10-12. Learn more here.
Wheaton Precious Metals (WPM) reported record quarterly revenues for the first-quarter of the year, notes Adrian Day, money manager, resource sector expert and editor of Global Analyst.
Adrian Day has long been considered one of the leading authorities on the gold sector; here, the money manager and editor of the Global Analyst reviews a pair of gold royalty and mining plays that warrant his ongoing buy recommendation.

Adrian's Videos

Private placements can add leverage to your investments through discounts and warrants. But they can also add paperwork and headaches. Adrian Day will explain these difficulties as well as tell you where to find the best opportunities.

Adrian Day, chairman and CEO of Adrian Day Asset Management, will discuss the Federal Reserve's monetary policies and how that affects gold. He will also look at some of the reasons that gold has been soft recently and provide an outlook. Lastly, Mr. Day will discuss whether the mining stocks are undervalued in the current environment.

Ultra-easy money and major fiscal spending are a great recipe for much higher metals prices, but we know it isn't that simple. Our panel of experts will cover all the factors affecting metals and mining and give a clear forecast for the rest of the year.
Gold has performed dramatically this year, in response to the Covid-19 epidemic, economic restrictions, and political concerns, but above all to central bank responses to these difficult times. Adrian Day explains why gold responds the way it does to crises, and what we might expect going forward. He also argues that gold stocks remain very undervalued.

Adrian's Books

Adrian Day

Investing in Resources: How to Profit from the Outsized Potential and Avoid the Risks- Audiobook

Investing in Resources: How to Profit from the Outsized Potential and Avoid the Risks details how history and fortunes will be made in another extraordinarily rare investment opportunity that's happening right now.

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