Profit from Headline-Driven Volatility: Essential Strategy and Psychology

Adrian Manz,, Co-Founder and Daily Contributor

Julie Manz,, Co-Founder and Contributor

Your MoneyMasters instructors Adrian and Julie Manz co-founded Peterson/Manz Trading, Inc. and in 1999. Adrian and Julie have been researching and trading the markets for more than 25 years and have a deep understanding of handling volatility. Over the past two decades, market shocks have occurred at an accelerated pace. Whether caused by earnings upsets, geopolitical events, or pandemic-driven, Adrian and Julie have helped their clients find ways to profit when markets quake.

During this information-packed seminar, you will learn to identify and capitalize on tradeable volatility that can lead to profits and how to avoid the random-walk fluctuations that can cause financial damage to your account.

Course Content

3 Chapters • 1:53:59 Duration
  • Good volatility
    • Using statistical probability models to put the odds in your favor
    • Trading hot IPO's
    • Trading institutional order flow
  • Bad volatility
    • Anticipating and avoiding range-bound markets
    • Using the VIX to predict short-term price action
    • Use the anchored VWAP to predict and avoid potential losses
  • How to prepare yourself for trading when uncertainty dominates the positions
    • Perfect practice
    • Focus on mastery as a continually evolving goal
    • Accept there will be losses and put them behind you
  • The psychology of profit and loss
    • No good days, no bad days, just days
    • Conscientiousness
    • Risk aversion
    • Neuroticism
  • The fit between your personality and the investing or trading you choose predicts profitability
    • Trader assessment measures
    • Interpreting your results
    • Predicting outcomes
  • Hunters vs. Trappers
    • Is patience your virtue?
    • Is there always an opportunity?
    • Are your hands best placed on the keyboard or used as a seat cushion?

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Adrian Manz, Co-Founder and Daily Contributor
Julie Manz, Co-Founder and Contributor

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