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D. W. Dony and Associates, Inc.

  • Technical Analyst at DW.Dony & Associates
  • Editor & Publisher of Technical Speculator
  • Master of Financial Technical Analysis from the International Federation of Technical Analysts

About Donald

Donald Dony is a professional technical analyst and holds the top global designation of Master of Financial Technical Analysis from the International Federation of Technical Analysts. He is the first in Canada to achieve this prestigious designation. Mr. Dony has been in the investment profession for more than 20 years, first as a stockbroker in the 1980s and then as the principal of D. W. Dony and Associates, Inc., a financial consulting firm. He is the editor and publisher of the Technical Speculator, a monthly international investment newsletter, which reviews major world equity markets, currencies, commodities, bonds, and interest rates

Donald's Videos

Donald will go through some key economic (GDP peaking, interest rates rising, unemployment) and market events (sector strength and weakness in certain industry groups) that are occurring at this time.  He will also highlight events that normally take place in the next phase.


Donald Dony will briefly run through key signals on both sides of the argument and weigh the probabilities of the outcome.
A slowing economy, inverted yield curve, business and consumer confidence declines, join Donald for a market expectation for an aging bull market in 2023.
Buying just the index (S&P 500 or TSX) would simply outperform over 95% of fund managers, mutual funds, and private broker client accounts over any five-year period. This is due, not because of a lack of expertise, but because of investment fee (MER), the overhead cost to the analyst, commission fees to the broker, and just keeping the lights in the home office. This combination can be anywhere from 2% to a whopping 5%. This can be a big chuck of the profits. However, to outperform the index, a slightly different approach is needed besides simply buying and holding the index. This is where the fun starts.

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