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  • A Global Pioneer in ‘Fiscal Therapy’
  • Author of Money Grows on Trees
  • Personal Mission Is to Enrich Lives

About Jerremy

Jerremy Alexander Newsome is the CEO and co-founder of He has one of the fastest-growing audiences and websites on the internet and attacks the markets with an energy, exuberance, and humor that is truly refreshing. Mr. Newsome has been professionally trading the stock market since he was 21 years old. He specializes in candlesticks, gaps, credit spreads, and day and swing trading.

Jerremy's Videos

Join Jerremy Newsom, the CEO of Real Life Trading as he shares his exact day trading plan.  He will hold nothing back, as he provides his rules, the PDF for his plan, his charts for the plan, and the rules that he follows every day!  He will go over exact trades to show his entries, exits, targets, and bullet profit system for delicious cash flow!    

This is rare—no one you know is in this asset class, says Jerremy Newsome, CEO and Co-Founder of In this in-depth webinar, Mr. Newsome will be covering a very unique and extremely interesting asset class. Find out what makes this investment fun and lucrative with wild, sexy returns!
Join us for three tips/tricks/rules and a strategy that will help transform your day trading. Jerremy Newsome will be going through his exact day trading plan that has helped tens of thousands of traders from all over the world get a good, basic, simple foundation to crush the illusive career of day trading.
After asking, polling, inquiring, and of the most confusing topics is "what is a day-trading plan?" and "what is a day-trading strategy?" Jerremy Newsome will explain this topic and convey the following in a fashion as only he can: what rules we should have in our trading plan, what aspects of the markets to focus on, how to create an exceptionally easy day-trading strategy, and how to select the stocks to day trade. This is going to be a must-attend event and unquestionably the highest-energy presentation throughout the entire weekend.

Jerremy's Books

Jerremy Newsome

The Naked Trader: Simplistic Option Strategies That Will Revolutionize Your Portfolio

This is not your average book on how to make money in stocks. Taking a different, more refreshing approach, the two co-authors have created a tongue-in-cheek strategic options trading guide that’s equal parts educational and entertaining.
Jerremy Newsome

Money Grows on Trees: “How to reshape your thoughts, beliefs and ideals about money and become truly wealthy

Money Grows on Trees will catapult you past your fears, hurdles, mental stumbling blocks and subconscious beliefs that have kept financial success beyond your reach.