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Brian Kelly has enjoyed a long career in newsletter publishing and has maintained involvement with MoneyLetter continuously since 1984. He has been a member of the MoneyLetter Investment Committee for over 30 years. As vice president and product manager for IBC/Donoghue Inc., and IBC USA (Publications) Inc., Mr. Kelly was responsible for all aspects of the MoneyLetter group of products including planning, marketing, fulfillment, customer service, and public relations.

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Value or growth? It’s an important question, especially after seeing some of the big tech stocks pop after better-than-expected earnings in the last couple of weeks. It’s important to remember that if our economic outlook is correct, we are currently in the middle of an extended period of higher interest rates. Artisan Value Fund (ARTLX) is a fund I like as a result, notes Brian Kelly, editor of Money Letter.
Regional bank worries resurfaced recently after First Republic Bank reported that deposits had dropped by about 40% in the first quarter. But we’ve been expecting this volatility. Meanwhile, for domestic stock funds, one of my two new Buys this week is Value Line Premier Growth (VALSX), explains Brian Kelly, editor of MoneyLetter.
There is plenty of evidence that U.S. markets are all about the Fed right now. We see two sides lining up when it comes to where Fed policy is headed, and our models suggest getting less “growthy” by focusing on the Fidelity Equity Dividend Income Fund (FEQTX), explains Brian Kelly, editor of MoneyLetter.
Uncertainty is plentiful in today’s financial world, as investors try to sort out a reasonably strong economy, historically high inflation, war in Ukraine, and aggressive Federal Reserve monetary policy, asserts Brian Kelly, editor of MoneyLetter.