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Mark Skousen is a financial economist, university professor, and author of over 25 books. Dr. Skousen was recently listed as one of the top 20 living economists in the world. In 2018, Steve Forbes presented him with the Triple Crown in Economics for his work in theory, history, and education. Dr. Skousen is a Presidential Fellow at Chapman University in California, where he received the "My Favorite Professor Award" in 2019. He has worked for the government (CIA), non-profits (president of FEE), and runs FreedomFest, "the world's largest gathering of free minds," every July in Las Vegas (www.freedomfest.com ). He has also taught economics and finance at Columbia Business School and Columbia University. Since 1980, Dr. Skousen has been editor-in-chief of Forecasts & Strategies, a popular award-winning investment newsletter (www.markskousen.com ). He has written for the Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine and has made regular appearances on CNBC's Kudlow & Co., the Santelli Exchange, and C-SPAN Book TV. Dr. Skousen's bestsellers includeThe Making of Modern Economics, Investing in One Lesson, and The Maxims of Wall Street. Based on Dr. Skousen's work,The Structure of Production (NYU Press, 1990), the federal government began publishing in Spring 2014 a broader, more accurate measure of the economy, Gross Output (GO), every quarter along with GDP.

Mark's Articles

I’m still finding attractive opportunities; the key is to make sure you’re buying solid growth at a reasonable valuation, suggests Mark Skousen, editor of the specialized advisory service, Home Run Trader.
Based in Dallas, Energy Transfer (ET) is a limited partnership with one of the largest and most diversified portfolios of energy assets in the nation, notes Mark Skousen, growth and income expert and editor of Home Run Trader.
The fast money is on the move, and that’s true of many stocks throughout the market, which jumped after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made statements that were interpreted as “less hawkish than feared,” notes Mark Skousen, editor of Fast Money Alert.
Is there anything out there that is still inexpensive? Indeed, gold is cheap. And so are gold mining shares, asserts Mark Skousen, editor of Home Run Trader.

Mark's Videos

The strong dollar and competition from bitcoin has caused a unique opportunity to buy the fastest growth gold miner in the world. It has 39% profit margin, doubled its dividend, and produced over one million ounces of gold last year.
Many investors are rethinking the role global stocks play in their portfolio. But few realize just how much opportunity there is beyond our borders and what missing it will mean for their money. Join us as this panel of experts discusses how and where to find the best global market opportunities.
Even though the two major parties have stark differences in their policies, no matter who runs the federal government, they will face serious challenges—bailing out major industries, state and local governments, and out-of-control spending at the federal level. In this important session, Dr. Mark Skousen will assess the K-style economy, revealing what industries will do well and what markets won't. He will recommend five investment opportunities in technology and mining stocks, the two areas he feels have the most potentially explosive gains.
Pre-IPO can be "ten baggers" (1000% on your money) or financial disasters. Dr. Mark Skousen has invested in dozens of private placements, insider deals, and tax shelters over his 40-year career on Wall Street. Some have proven to be multi-million-dollar winners, while others have become wallpaper in his bathroom. In this timely session, Dr. Skousen, editor of the award-winning Forecasts & Strategies since 1980, will reveal his best and worst private investment, and what he has discovered in the wily world of high finance. He is especially bullish on exploratory and developmental "penny" stocks right now.

Mark's Books

Mark Skousen

The Maxims of Wall Street

For nearly 30 years, financial economist and investment writer Mark Skousen has been collecting all the old wise adages, proverbs, and legends on Wall Street, based on in-depth interviews with old timers, reading rare financial books, and his own experiences in the financial markets. He has been the writer of Forecasts &amp; Strategies since 1980.</p
Mark Skousen

Economic Logic

In Economic Logic, Mark Skousen offers a step-by-step approach to economics showing how microeconomics and macroeconomics are logically linked together. The fully revised fifth edition introduces a major breakthrough in macroeconomics: a "top line" in national income accounting called Gross Output. Also included: a powerful four-stage universal model of the economy, a new "growth" diagram, a new diagram of the optimal size of government, and new alternatives to the standard&
Mark Skousen

The Making of Modern Economics: The Lives and Ideas of the Great Thinkers

This comprehensive, yet accessible introduction to the major economic philosophers of the past 225 years begins with Adam Smith and continues through the present day. The text examines the contributions made by each individual to our understanding of the role of the economist, the science of economics, and economic theory. Boxes in each chapter highlight li

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