Murray Gunn

Head of Global Research,

Elliott Wave International

  • Founding Member of Socionomics Foundation
  • Contributor to Socionomic Studies of Society and Culture
  • Author of Trading Regime Analysis

About Murray

Murray Gunn is head of global research at Elliott Wave International and lead contributor on He worked as a fund manager in global bonds, currencies, and stocks, including long posts at Standard Life Investments and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. Mr. Gunn then joined HSBC Bank as head of technical analysis. He is the author of Trading Regime Analysis (Wiley, 2009) and a contributor to Socionomic Studies of Society and Culture (Socionomics Institute Press, 2017). In April 2018, Murray took over the helm of The European Short Term Update. You can also read his commentary in Global Market Perspective, Interest Rates Pro Services and Currency Pro Services.

Murray's Articles

The denial of deflation. This recent headline from Bloomberg made my eyes come out on stalks:

Murray's Videos

As the world changes at breakneck speed, it can be difficult to keep up with developments. Using Elliott Wave analysis can help clarify the global macro environment as well as identify emerging opportunities to either speculate or to protect your existing investments. Elliott Wave International's head of global research, Murray Gunn, will show you the outlook for various asset classes over the next year, allowing you to be prepared in good time.
The global economy is changing fast, and big opportunities lie ahead. Come and take a flight around the world to view the landscape from 30,000 feet. See where the best Elliott Wave patterns exist and how to take advantage.
If you think 2020 was extraordinary, 2021 might be aligned to be a very historic year indeed. The world is becoming more unstable and the global macro environment in financial markets is likely to change dramatically as deflation sets in. During this session, Murray Gunn will look at charts from around the planet that highlight some amazing opportunities for those that are prepared.
Almost everyone sees inflation ahead but hardly anyone notes the threat of deflation. During this presentation, Murray Gunn will guide you through what deflation is, why it is slowly taking over, and what you can do to navigate through it.