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About Keith

Keith Fitz-Gerald is a private investor, analyst, and market researcher/educator who believes in a concentrated portfolio of companies making products and services the world cannot live without and which are capable of growing despite the pandemic, politics, or other short-term disruptions. He began his career at Wilshire Associates in the late 1980s and today is principal of the Fitz-Gerald Group, a private fintech research firm. With 1200+ media appearances to his credit on the Fox Business Network, CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, and more, he is also a favorite MoneyShow speaker and a popular educator known for giving audiences information they can use the moment he stops talking.

Keith's Articles

Gilead Sciences (GILD) is under severe pressure and many investors don’t think it’ll ever come back which is almost always an excellent contrarian buying signal, explains Keith Fitz-Gerald — principal of the Fitz-Gerald Group and editor of One Bar Ahead, a digital magazine exclusively for individual investors and traders.
The premise behind Palantir (PLTR) is super simple — digitalization is the single largest investment opportunity in mankind’s history and there’s only one company that’s written the big data engine needed to process it, explains Keith Fitz-Gerald is principal of the Fitz-Gerald Group and editor of One Bar Ahead, a digital magazine exclusively for individual investors and traders.
The mid-term election to me is all about security. It’s about consistency, tapping into quality. It’s about looking for those companies that are going to be very hard to mess with if there’s an unanticipated electoral result, asserts Keith Fitz-Gerald, Chief Investment Strategist for Money Map Press. Here are excerpts from a panel discussion at the Las Vegas MoneyShow covering mid-term election stock picks.
Arlington Asset Investment Corp. (AI) is one of my favorite double-digit dividend payers that have the business models that can sustain high yields for years to come, asserts growth and income expert Keith Fitz-Gerald, editor of Total Wealth Research.

Keith's Videos

Many investors are rethinking the role global stocks play in their portfolio. But few realize just how much opportunity there is beyond our borders and what missing it will mean for their money. Join us as this panel of experts discusses how and where to find the best global market opportunities.
Many investors are worried about a bubble here at home, but Keith Fitz-Gerald will show you how to get around that problem AND find stable, high growth stocks with great income, too.
Just like the economies of the developed world have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, so too, have emerging markets. And, they have fewer resources to support and aid in their recovery. Keith Fitz-Gerald talks to legendary emerging markets investor, Dr. Mark Mobius, about his current view of emerging markets, the investment themes, the risks, and where he finds value globally.
2020 broke Wall Street's models, and the markets changed forever. Surviving and thriving in the next 10 years will require you to think completely outside the box, questioning principles once thought as fact. It will be a golden era of investing—but only if you know what to look for.

Keith's Books

Keith Fitz-Gerald

Fiscal Hangover: How to Profit From The New Global Economy

The rules of making money have changed-forever with the collapse of investment banks, trillion-dollar-plus government bailouts, and the Dow plunging like a rock, it's never been more important to understand-and actually profit from-the "new rules." Fact is, Fiscal Hangover, will give you an investing blueprint that will allow you to profit from the changing global economy.