Danielle Shay

Director of Options,

Simpler Trading

  • Market Analyst, Trader, and Expert Commentator
  • Contributing Author: John Carter's Mastering the Trade
  • Frequent CNBC Guest on Trading Nation

About Danielle

Danielle Shay is a market analyst, trader, and the director of options at Simpler Trading. She is an expert commentator on CNBC's Trading Nation, Fox News, Fox Business, Yahoo! Finance, Cheddar, Stockcharts.com and more. Ms. Shay is also a contributing author in John Carter's 3rd edition of Mastering the Trade. Her focus is on trend-following and directional strategies via options trading, though she covers stocks and ETFs as well. As a former teacher, Ms. Shay's goal is to help traders grasp the basics that make trading simpler-no matter their skill level. Her motto is, "If I can do it, you can do it!."

Danielle's Articles

Not every trade is always going to work out—that’s expected. But what you need to make sure you do is that once you’ve closed that losing trade...you go and look back at it, says Danielle Shay of Simpler Trading.
Today, I want to talk about a trade that is a little bit different from what we normally discuss, explains Danielle Shay of Simpler Trading.
In today’s episode I want to talk to you about Chegg (CHGG). It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned this stock, but I figured it was time to revisit it, explains Danielle Shay of Simpler Trading.
I wanted to switch it up and show you a losing trade. Though rehashing losing trades can be painful (trust me, I know!), it’s important for all traders to do this, explains Danielle Shay of Simpler Trading.

Danielle's Videos

Every earnings season provides opportunity in the options market via directional trades pre-earnings, over earnings, and post-earnings. Join Danielle to learn how you can use a time-tested pattern and statistical edge to trade earnings season.
During this presentation, Danielle Shay will cover her tried and true methods she uses to grow her options accounts. She'll talk about identifying high probability trades, tips and tricks for small account trading, how to use low-risk, high-reward in your favor, and her 7-step checklist for growing accounts. If you've been wondering how to grow your account using options trading, this is the presentation for you!
Do you know how to identify directional breakouts—and get in them—before they take off? Join Danielle Shay as she teaches you her favorite directional, momentum setup that she uses in all her options and futures trading. Find out exactly how she identifies big moves, and trades them in the options market. She will walk through three different ways to trade this setup using calls, spreads, and butterflies with live charts and examples. In options trading, success starts first with finding a high-probability setup—and then, trading it with an effective options strategy.
Danielle Shay explains how to trade options in volatile markets. She typically trades using momentum indicators, but has pulled back from that as volatility soared.

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