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Precious Metals Analyst,

  • Widely Recognized as the Silver Guru
  • Author of The Silver Manifesto
  • More Than 30 Years Educating Investors

About David

David Morgan, founder of, started investing in the stock market well before turning 18 years of age. Several years ago, he put his long study of the free market economies to work researching the economy, stock market behavior, and precious metals, especially silver. Although very familiar with gold, Mr. Morgan believed that silver needed more exposure and would be utilized increasingly as technology continued to demand more and more of the metal. He has followed the silver market daily for over 30 years and much of the site is devoted to education. Mr. Morgan's interest in silver led him to publish The Morgan Report, a research report that has grown in popularity and is seen today as one of the pre-eminent reports on how you can make money investing in the natural resources sector.

David's Articles

The Morgan Report's David Morgan discusses his outlook for the global markets, and you may find his outlook for the dollar quite surprising.
Though gold gets most of the press, silver expert David Morgan shares some of the little reported facts about who has been buying silver.
David Morgan, founder of, evaluates the recent rally in gold and makes the case for gold as the universal currency.

David's Videos

The alternative currencies such as Bitcoin offer a way out of traditional banking. it safe?

Lead by Scott Minerd of Guggenheim in January 2020, silver was the "go to" investment choice. The EFT purchases were over 320 million ounces—over twice the amount Buffett bought in the late 90's.

Gold and silver have done surprisingly well over the past twenty years. But few see the performance from a long-term viewpoint and want to see the metals explode.
All wealth comes from the land. Something grown, built, or mined. David Morgan will take you on a journey as to how and why mineral wealth is the next largest trend. As accredited investors, you have a unique opportunity to build legacy wealth for generations. You will learn how to diversify and Mr. Morgan will provide one company to you that is on the verge of changing the entire mining industry.

David's Books

David Morgan

The Silver Manifesto

A detailed examination of an incredibly under-appreciated asset class, Precious Metals, notably Silver.
David Morgan

Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money from the Coming Gold and Silver Shock

Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money from the Coming Gold and Silver Shock-Wave empowers you to step onto the investment battlefield and leave it a winner. Many fortunes will be made during the coming years. On paper. But, when all is said and done, as the great speculator Jesse Livermore declared, “On paper it will remain.”