Sponsored Content - Bluesky Digital Assets Corp. (BTCWF) has announced the formalization and completion of discussions initiated earlier. These discussions, initially disclosed through a press release on Dec. 4, 2023, have led to the establishment of a strategic joint venture with Weteams Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ('Weteams'), writes Dean Emerick, digital strategist at TMI Digital.

Bluesky Digital Assets, a leading player in AI and Blockchain technologies, has recently revealed a strategic alliance with Weteams Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This cooperative venture aims to develop and expand the existing Bluesky INTEL platform, significantly enhancing Bluesky's market presence and operational efficiencies. The partnership looks to leverage the booming tech market in India, capitalizing on the potential growth opportunities available.

Weteams Solutions Pvt. Ltd., based in India, is a crucial collaborator in the development of the cutting-edge BlueskyINTEL platform. Under the leadership of entrepreneur Pranay Mathur, Weteams brings digital innovation and technological expertise to BSI, enhancing its scalability and market presence. This strategic partnership not only boosts Bluesky's growth but also taps into India's thriving tech industry. Mathur's investment signals unwavering confidence in the AI and Blockchain capabilities of the venture. Join us in revolutionizing the future with BlueskyINTEL!

Ben Gelfand, CEO of Bluesky Digital Assets, expressed his anticipation of a potential surge in revenue growth and a more extensive market reach through the partnership with Weteams. The joint venture aligns perfectly with Bluesky's emphasis on AI and Blockchain technologies, thereby contributing to the scalability and market reach of BlueskyINTEL.

Bluesky's formalized agreement with Weteams opens doors to new opportunities. By tapping into the fast-growing tech venture and SME market globally, Bluesky gains exposure and access to a vast audience for BlueskyINTEL. This collaboration is set to boost market presence, streamline operations, and set the stage for sustained growth. The potential outcome: An increase in shareholder value and a positive shift in share price.

Today, the Corporation announced its new credit facility agreement allowing it to borrow up to $300,000 CAD in multiple tranches, with an initial tranche of $100,000 CAD, at a 15% annual lending rate. Repayment is scheduled within 24 months post withdrawal.

These funds aim to further the joint venture with Weteams. Additionally, the Corporation has initiated a debt settlement, planning to settle $452,000 CAD through the issuance of 13,560,000 Common Shares at $0.0333 CAD per share. These shares are subject to a four-month-plus-one-day hold period and will not impact control.

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