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Omar Ayales is the editor of GoldChartsRUs, a weekly trading service founded by legendary investment advisor Sir Harry Schultz. GCRU has an excellent track record and is utilized by private and institutional investors around the world. Mr. Ayales has worked for many years as an investment analyst at Aden Research. He is a licensed real estate attorney in Costa Rica for the past 15 years, an entrepreneur and business investor, and advisor.

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Gold, Silver & Copper

Gold continued to soar reaching an 11 month high within the strong rise we call ‘C’. It's fast approaching its next hurdle, and if this $1380 level can be surpassed then the bull market wi…

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Is Copper Leading Gold?

Is copper leading gold up? Copper recently jumped up to a 2+ year high while gold and silver continue their rise, explains resource expert Omar Ayales, editor and chief trading strategist for Gold Cha…

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Gold: Setting up for the Next Rise?

Seasonality kicked in as gold broke below its December 2016 uptrend dropping over $20 last Monday in light trading. Gold is now holding at its 23 mont moving average, but it’s still looking vulnerab…

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Gold vs. GDXJ: A Catch Up?

Gold's B decline has begun. Silver, gold shares and platinum led the way by declining first and steeper than gold, explains Omar Ayales, editor Gold ChartsRUs Weekly Trading Service. Interestingly…

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Gold's Run: Is the End Near?

Our Chart of the Week shows that gold is still in the limelight. It's been rising all year while the dollar index and the 10 year yield fell furtherexplains Omar Ayales, chief trading strategist of …